May 2014

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
Israelis Demolish Negev Mosque As Ethnic Cleansing Continues
80K Palestinians In E. Jerusalem Without Tap Water For 3 Months
Anthony Migchels: Make No Mistake — ‘Equality’ Is Genocide
USA Corp. Military To Treat PTSD With Brain Implants
Israel’s ’10 Commandments For Targeted Aerial Murder’
‘P2P Not Dead’: 300 BitTorrent Users Swap Content Each Month
Info To Consider: No Driver License Required
100s Undocumented Immigrants Dropped Off In Phoenix, Tucson
Militant Mortar Attacks On Aleppo Kill 20
Patent Confirms Aspartame Is Bacteria Excrement
Bush War Talk To Blair Hushed Up Forever
If you know anyone who doubts that there is a generational conspiracy to consolidate a one-world goverment, just show them the following clip, in which Soetoro states just that, with shocking and disgusting arrogance.
“Ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs.”
Federal Reserve Explained In 7 Minutes 
‘World Bank’ Issues Food Riots Warning
Key West Cops Attempt To Cremate Man Who Died In Custody
No-Neck Monsters Throw Stun Grenade Into Crib, Maim Baby
Nanny State Punishes Dad For Making Son Walk 1 Mile Home
Corporations, Bloodlines Now Control 75%+ Of Earth’s Farmland
Slavyansk Children Flee To Russia
Gilad Atzmon: ‘Did The Jews Lose Europe?’
Daniel Estulin: The Real Bilderberg 2014 Talking Points Leaked
Police Harassment At Copenhagen Airport During Bilderberg
China Slams Pentagon Chief Over Threats
Gates Divests Shares In UK Firm Linked To Israeli ‘Security’ Services
Soetoro’s ‘US Exceptionalism’ Explained
Eurasian Economic Union ‘Wake-Up Call For USA Corp’
Jewish Obsession With Establishing Same-Sex ‘Marriage’
Rabbi: “US Jews Not Threatened by ‘Anti-Semitism'”
Dutch City Calls Jerusalem, Nazareth ‘Cities In Palestine’
US Lawtards To France: ‘Sell Ships To NATO, Not Russia’
Spain Sees 500% Increase In ‘Very Long-Term Unemployment’
1500 African Migrants Storm Spanish Border Fence
Congressional Scorecard Based On US Constitution
USA Corp. To ‘Help EU Cut Russian Gas Imports’
USA Corp. Deploys Surveillance Drones In Japan
CA Lawtards Defy Public, Deny Fracking Moratorium
As Soetoro Sells US Freshwater & Drought Wracks US…..
Israel’s Desalination Program Averts Future Water Crises
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Top 12 Tax Havens
‘Black Holes In Galactic Centers Might Really Be Wormholes’ 
Electronic Skin Being Developed
Researchers Coax Tooth Tissue Dentin From Stem Cells
Dutch Produce New-Generation Wind Turbines
World’s First Practical Quantum Computer?
Research Team: Quantum Info ‘Teleported’ 10 Feet
The Unnatural Origins Of Citric, Ascorbic Acid
‘Tony Abbot Will Be Dumped By Own Party’
US Wars: A New Age Of Hydro-Imperialism
The Crystal Radio That Spooked Tesla Himself
‘Whole Town Of Sandy Hook Bought Off On Christmas 2009’
Putin Planning To Release 9-11 Inside Job Evidence?
California School Guard Beat Wheelchair-Bound Student
What Schools Don’t Teach About Bolshevism
Vaccine-Induced Immune Overload Affects Majority US Children
Bitcoin: The Advent Of Crowdminting
Santa Barbara ‘Shooting’: No Blood In The Car

US Historian: US, Israel Policies On Iran Based On Lies
Google And ‘Right To Be Forgotten’
“Have The Jews Lost Europe?”
New Fed Database To Contain Details On 226M Americans
Israeli Soldiers Rig Rubber-Coated Bullets To Kill
Wall Street Criminals: Economy Will Blow Up Without Us
‘Defense Support Of Civil Authorities’ Has Been Authorized
CA Fracking Moratorium Fails Despite Strong Public Support
Fewer Than 25% West Point Cadets Stood Up For Soetoro
Elite Desparate To Rescue Unipolar World
Putin To Release 9-11 Inside Job Evidence
Evidence Santa Barbara Crime Scene Manipulated
Top Biochemist Calls To Abolish ‘Smart’ Meters
Circumcised Men Sue Doctors, Parents
Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax: Questions Answered
Drunk Whistleblower Spilled Beans On CIA Chemtrails
American Jews Running Out Of Patience With Israel
Does Australia Care That US Drones Killed 2 Australians?
US To China: Avoid Risk Of Confrontation
Elliot Rodger’s ‘Childhood Friend’ Forgets His Lines
Free Trade Vs. Fair Trade
Half Of US Adults Hacked In Last 12 Months
California Lawtards Reject GMO Labeling Bill
‘Soetoro Failing To Isolate Russia, China’
1,100-Year-Old Mayan Ruins Found In North Georgia
Study: Australia 4th Most Expensive Country
Judge Rules Govt. Must Respond To Fake Soetoro SSN
Ukraine Army Shells Slavyansk Hospital
Wikileaks Cables Reveal US Views On Poroshenko
Ukraine Army To Continue Eastern Offensive
Protesting Brazilian Teachers Met With Brutality
Govt Advisor: UK Middle Class To Disappear In 30 Years
Iran To Launch Nuclear Conversion Plant
Italian MPs Challenge Bilderberg Meeting
Corbett Report: Dan Dicks & Luke Rudkowski
Omega-3 Derivative Helps Treat Type 2 Diabetes

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
Biden Challenges USAF Cadets To Create New World Order
“You are Falcons and you carry America on your back,” he said, rallying a crowd that sweltered in the sun and 80-degree temperatures in Falcon Stadium. “And America will have your back forever.”
Victim Of Police Torture To Receive 3K Worthless FRNs
SCOTUS Upholds Police Right To Execute After Chase
Operation Choke Point
“I was a paid internet shill”: How ‘They’ Manipulate Internet Discourse
War Machine Investments For The NWO
US Assembling Special Forces Teams Across Africa
USDA Behind Mass Animal Deaths?
‘Gist’ Of Blair-Bush Iraq War Communiques To Be Revealed
Why CC Holders Should Ignore No-Gun Signs
‘Very Bad News For Intrinsically Worthless FRN’
Strange Footage From NASA STS-48 Shuttle
Are You Prepared To Take On The Military?
Flight 360 Now A Total Circus
Eyewitness: UN Troops In Texas
Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan Sign Eurasian Economic Union
TEPCO To Build Giant Ice Wall Around Fukushima Reactor Zone
Fracking Bill Moves Quietly Through NC House
Thomas Sheridan: The Labyrinth Of The Psychopath 
The Inhuman Brains Of Psychopaths
Physicists Find Evidence Universe Is ‘Giant Brain’
Injured Dolphin Approached Diver For Help
GM Salmon Threaten Already Declining Fish Populations
Why You Should Never Eat Tilapia
45 Uses For Lemons
13 Cool Uses For Cukes
41 Ingenious Camping Hacks
Turn Aluminum Can Into Camping Stove
Campers Claim Blair Witch Encounter
The Montauk Monster
World’s First Wingsuit BASE Jumping Dog
Covert EU Military Satellite Program
UK Urged To Admit To Diego Garcia Secret Prison

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
Secret US Military Flights Carried Equipment, Officials To DPRK
Monsanto Contributions To House, Senate Candidates
Iran Dismisses WSJ Report As Unfounded
Ex-Libya General Resumes Airstrikes
SWAT Thugs Attack Innocent Man In His Driveway
Soetoro Scraps ‘Afghan Exit’; 9800 Troops To Remain

Interview With Israeli ‘Boycott From Within’ Founder
Rachel Corrie Appeal Challenges Israeli Psychopathy
Former Aussie PM Confirms USS Liberty Attack
Malaysian Cadbury Chocolate Laced With Pig DNA
VA Cops Stomp Veteran To Death
Whistleblower: Texas VA Run Like Crime Syndicate
Lawsuit Seeks Prohibition Of GMOs
Pentagon Moves To Keep Nigeria Locked Down
Go Figure: Anti-Terror Checkpoints In Beijing Subway
Soetoro’s Alarmist Climate Report Trashed By Scientists
The Not So Free Stockholm Internet Forum
Thugs Catheterize Man To Obtain Urine Sample
Putin Leans On Ukraine Over Gas Bill
Infowars Shill: Bilderberg Agenda In Peril?
Bilderberg 2014 Membership List
Why Your Fingerprints Might Not Be Unique
5 Mysterious Structures With Unknown Origins
Was This Hammer Made 100 Million Years Ago?
Snowden: “I am a real spy.”
‘A Mountain Of Metal Raining Down On You’
US, UK, MSM Lost In Web Of Nigeria Lies
Top 20 Natural Painkillers In Your Kitchen
Iran Court Summons ‘Zuckerberg’ Over Privacy Concerns
ILLUSION OF POWER: Voluntary Servitude Exposed
DARPA Introduced ‘Invulnerable’ Hack-Proof Drone
(We’ll see what Iran has to say about that.)
Iran Old Dwarf City Astonishes Visitors
Doctors Aim To Save Gunshot Victims By Freezing Them?
‘Is America Starting To Target Thought Crime?’
(Derrrrrh … ya think?)
15 Plants & Herbs To Heal Lungs
39 Shot In Chicago Last Weekend
Israhell To Usher In World’s First Cashless Society
Microsoft To Roll Out Self-Crashing Cars
Pope Stops Short Of Rapping Israel’s Crimes
Five Strategies To Insure Your Own Health
Europe & Ukraine: Tale Of Two Elections
Massive Fracking-Related Landslide In Colorado
China Urges Banks To Remove IBM Servers
CA Demtards: Isla Vista ‘Shooting’ = More Gun Control
‘Water Makes Money’: On Water Privatization
NJ Set To Ban Common Hunting Rifles
DARPA Brain Implants For PTSD Veterans
Neil Keenan: Cabal Payback For Donetsk Referendum
Boko Haram Attack Repelled By Armed Women
Nigerian Schoolgirls Were Freed In April
US Trains Syrian Cannibals In Qatar
No Politics In Space
Soetoro VA Scandal Grows & Grows…..

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
Hackers Lash Out Against Turncoat
Anonymous Hacker-Turned-Informant Avoids Jail Time
North Korea 360: Panoramic Views Of DPRK
Update On Jewish Museum ‘Shooting’, Belgium
‘Iranophobia Aimed At Protecting Israel’
File Under ‘Who Cares’: Permanently Manned ISS Could End In 2020
‘US Unipolar World Strategy Doomed To Fail’
Buffalo, Missouri Halts Water Fluoridation
China Lambastes US Spying Tactics
Accused Child Killer Resigns From Top Vatican Office
Nuttin’ Yahoo Boasts About Making Fools Of Americans
Israel’s Infiltration Of American Cops
New Police Speed Scanners Embedded In Guardrails
The Biz Behind Ukraine’s New Billionaire Prez
Glenn Greenwald To Publish List Of NSA Spy Victims
NJ Set To Ban Common Hunting Rifles
Engineering The Climate: Congressional Report
GMO Featherless Chickens
‘Payday Monsanto’ On Revolution Radio
Friends Praise Marine Jailed In Mexico & Disgracefully Abandoned
Soetoro’s EPA: ‘Who Needs Science When You Have Pen & Phone?’
Israel To ‘Evict The Dead’ From Bedouin Village Demolished More Than 60 Times
The Daily Caller BUSTED
In this link, it reports that Iran’s Khamanei vowed to “destroy America”
The DC cited this report, in Farsi, which contains JUST ONE passing mention of America as a global menace, which it is.
The translation is choppy, but clearly Khamanei’s message was about daily moral and domestic struggles — the REAL meaning of “jihad” — NOT a vow to “destroy America”. This is just one example of how millions of Americans, intellectually lazy by training and design, are systematically duped into hating an enemy that does not really exist.
The Real Enemy’s Manifesto
Henry Makow On The Protocols’ Veracity
Malaysian Ex-PM Claims CIA, Boeing Hiding Plane
Malaysia Releases Satellite Data On Missing Boeing
10 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved
Mother Forced To Give Birth Alone In Solitary Confinement. Baby Dies.
BBC Censors Everyday, Ordinary Word
How To Make All-Natural Pet Shampoo
Asian Giant Hornets
New Kind Of Rare Meteor Shower Hits Earth
Apartheid: New & Improved
Apartheid Adventure: Crash Course In Hasbara
Boycott The GMA & ‘Traitor Brands’
Egypt’s Sisi ‘Installed By US/Israel’
Massive Fire At Donetsk Sports Facility
Lone Michigan Man Rebuilds Stonehenge
DPRK Warns US Over Truce Village Activities
Chemical Arms Investigators Kidnapped In Syria
40 Uses For Dandelions
2000+ Uses For WD-40

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
How Intel Agencies Warp Online Activism
Soetoro Quietly Releases Regulatory Agenda
South Dakota Ranchers Sue State
Donetsk Airport Under Ukraine Army Fire
Pope Shuns Palestinians During Israhell Tour
China To Destroy 5M Cars To ‘Fight Pollution’
CIA Afghanistan Chief ‘Accidentally’ Exposed
No Time Wasted Cashing In Political Capital
Traitor Abbas Supports Israhell
Abbas Oppresses Palestinians Who Oppose Israhell
China To Ditch U.S. Firms Over Espionage
Abbas To Pope: Israel Ousting Christians, Muslims
Beverage Can Camping Stove
How To Open Can Without Opener
Australian Politico Brings Pipe Bomb Into Parliament
U.S. Housetards Approve 600M Worthless FRN Aid For Israhell.
Food Changes Gene Expression For Colorectal Cancer
Egypt’s Brotherhood Boycotts Elections
Euro-Skeptic Parties Win Out In EU Elections
Karzai Snubs Soetoro
RoundOp Alpha Update
China Stockpiling Huge Amounts Of Oil
Russia Ready For Dialogue With Likely Ukraine Figurehead
Thailand Coup Get King’s Approval
Child Sex Trafficking In Thailand — Just Sayin’…..
Forget Salt Restriction. Olive Oil, Watermelon Lower Blood Pressure.
Giants Ditching Intrinsically Worthless FRN (In Favor Of Their Own Intrinsically Worthless, Debt-Based, Rothschild-Owned Currencies)
5-Month-Old Kidnapped From Parents Because Of Parents’ Hostility Toward Kidnappers
Gunfire, Airstrikes Hit Donetsk Airport Snoped
The Horrendous False Flag Killings At Donetsk
Can’t afford Photoshop? Then try the following
Free, Feature-Rich, No-Hassle Online Photo Editor

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
Wait! Didn’t Al Gore Invent The Internet? Wait!!!
How To Cure Cavities
What It’s Like To Be Force-Fed
Net Neutrality Explained By ‘Juice Rap News’
Bullfight Called Off After All 3 Matadors Gored
Cat Litter Thought Behind NM Nuke Waste Accident
Cockatiel Dances To Rock Groove. No, Seriously.
Serbian Scientist On Record: Floods HAARPed
Govt. To Request Leniency In Case Against FBI Informant
Drug Cartel-Style Threats Appear On El Paso Billboards
Alan Watt: Global Society Run By Perverts, Pedophiles
TN To Roll Out ‘No-Refusal’ Blood-Draw DUI Checkpoints
Eradicating Beauty: The Destruction Of Art
John Stossel’s Illegal Everything
France Pays Big ‘Money’ For Trains That Don’t Fit Stations
Over 60% Afghanistan Drone Strikes Are Homes
Special Forces Master Sergeant On Military
U.S. War Machine Track Record Since WW2
Bahrain Regime Forces Attack Funeral Procession
BS Response From UK Defence Minister Over Chemtrails
Donetsk & Lugansk Regions Form ‘Novorossiya Union’
Putin On Soetoro: Who Made Him Judge?
Putin ‘Sees Chance To Break Up NATO’
Iraq Takes Legal Action Against Turkey
‘Putin Shattered U.S. World Vision’
9-11 Signature On 2008 Financial ‘Crisis’
Scores Killed In Syrian Militant Infighting
Lab 257 — Secret Plum Island Germ Research Facility
Kerry: Soetoro Administration ‘Most Transparent In History’
Aerospace Worker: “I installed spraying equipment”
Questions About Isla Vista Shooting Spree
(Make sure to read notes below vid)
Isla Vista (Santa Monica) Shooting Scenario Ripped
Vista Isla Shooting Discussion Thread

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
Thai Coup Ousts U.S.-Backed Regime
U.S. Training Of Abusive Cambodian Military
Cops Gun Down Man In Salinas
Russia, China May Create New Economic Zone
Scientists Create Self-Assembling Bionic Particles
Santa Barbara Facts As Dust Settles
Your Birth Certificate Is Worth Billions Of Worthless FRNs
U.S. Abortion Industry Especially Effective In Murdering Black Children
Pentagon Weighs Allowing Illegal Immigrants. Go Figure.
Pentagon To Shut Down Facilities In Europe
Tech Companies Resist Surveillance Gag Orders
Russian Troops To Leave Ukraine Borders
Jacksonville Implements Orwellian Police State
Joseph Farrell On ‘Zbgnw Brzzsnk’, Kissinger, Ukraine
Proof Good Cops Do Exist
Iran Throws Monkey Wrench Into Nuke Deal
Rouhani: Iran Will Win Nuke Issue
MP: Australian Public ‘A Bunch Of Whingers’
IAEA: Iran Cut Enriched Uranium Stockpile By 80%
Putin: Russia Respects Ukraine Election
Man In Pig Mask Arrested For Impersonating Cop
EU Bans Poultry Imports From Israel-Occupied West Bank
Pentagon Claims It Has Hack-Proof Drone
We’ll see what Iran has to say about that.
Pressure Mounts On Tony Blair
I would love to see that headline as a caption to a lewd cartoon!
Vatican: Pope Will Demand Sovereign Palestine
Archive Of UK Court Corruption
Nanoprocessors Deployed In Chemtrails?
Putin: U.S. Backed Ukraine Coup
Putin Thinks No New Cold War At Hand
U.S. Shootings Leave 7 Dead, 7 Injured
Massive Protests In Seoul Over Ferry Disaster
Foreigners Fight On Kiev’s Side In East
Mag 6.4 Quake Hits Greece
Zionist Canada Bows To Holocaust Religion
Kingdom Of Hawaii Challenges U.S. Over Sovereignty
Congretards Vote Down Repeal Of Indefinite Detention
Catherine Austin Fitts: Soetorocare Ultimate Fraud
Russian Journalists Denied Entry To Ukraine
The New American Century (full-length)
People Unite Worldwide Against Monsanto
Analyst: ‘Iran Nuke Issue Mossad-CIA Scenario’
IMF Head Lagarde Charged With Embezzlement, Fraud
Boko Haram ‘Created, Funded By CIA’
Childhood Classmate Of Soetoro Speaks Out
‘I WILL NOT COMPLY!’ (profanity)
Senate Demtards Block Bill To Increase VA Accountability

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
Chris Bollyn: 9/11 Disinfo From Gordon Duff
Insider Vid: Ukraine Choppers Firing At Own Checkpoint
China Ready To Replace Euro Investers In China
Aussie Children’s Book Exposes 9/11 False Flag
Operation American Spring A Pathetic Failure
VA Supervisor: Old Vets Should Be Shot In The Head
Major Meteor Shower Over North America
Kerry Needs Mental Evaluation
Israel ‘Fears’ Iran Military Response
‘Scathing Interview’ Regarding Common Core
Russian Engines Costly Loss For U.S.
Underground City Found Beneath House
13K U.S. Soldiers Drill With Israelis, Jordanians
FBI Hard Up For Hackers
15 Cool Shipping Container Houses
Orange + Olive Oil = Candle
Bill Gates GMO Zombie Eggs
Hacker Sends Govt. Invoice For Time Spent In Prison
Nazi Salute OK In Switzerland, So Long As ‘Not Political’
U.S. Military Failed To Recapture Seized Nuke In Test Attack
U.S. Tests Cornerstone Of Euro Antimissile Shield
Climategate 3.0: Blogger Threatened For Exposing Fraud
FBI Will Begin Recording Interviews
Key West Police Investigated In Charles Eimers’ Death
Thai Army Threatens Social Media Block
Russia To Build 8 Reactors In Iran
U.S. Seeks Alternative To Russian Rocket Engine
Was Kenya Mall Massacre Backed By CIA? Hmmm…..
NK Fires On SK Patrol Boat
Singaporean Photographer Offers 360-Degree Views Of DPRK
World’s First Full HD 360-Degree Camera
Nine Awful Facts About America’s Biggest Cop Force
India Consulate Attacked In Afghanistan
Vaccine Dangers: Facts Don’t Lie
What Many Ignore: Soetoro’s GMO Partnership
Insane: Wall Street Mega Banks ‘Buying Up’ World’s Water
Thailand’s Martial Law Now Officially Coup
Napolitano: Bill To ‘Rein In’ NSA Will Actually Expand NSA Power
NSA Recording ‘Nearly All Calls’ In Afghanistan

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
Rabbi, Cop, Nurse Among 70 Arrested In Child Porn Bust
Multi-Billion-Worthless-FRN DHS Program May Never Finish
Homo Activist Admits Purpose To Destroy Family
Illegal Dumping Of Fracking Fluids In Texas
Effing IRS Is A Puerto Rican Trust
Army Ranger’s Response To #BringBackOurGirls
The Non-GMO Project
NYPD Thugs Smash Boy’s Head Through Window
Navy SEAL Weighs In On How To Fix VA
‘Obama’ — just one letter different from ‘Osama’, and with a middle name identical to the surname of an Iraqi puppet — is a cruel joke.
Tim Osman
Syrian Army Eyes U.S.-Backed Cannibals Near Jordan
The New Secret Buyer Of U.S. ‘Debt’
Russian MPs: GMO Producers Should Be Punished As Terrorists
What Is Going On In Thailand (& Why Should You Care?)
Mushroom Cloud Reported Over Kume Island, Japan
BP Oil Lawsuit Wins Class-Action Status
DHS To Buy Millions Of Rounds Of Ammo, Again
Israel’s Water Genocide
Head Of False Libyan Revolution: Ghaddafi Did Not Kill Protesters
No Rest For Psycho-Pharma Until All Are Drugged
Engineers Build World’s Smallest, Fastest Nanomotor
Mercola: Busted: The Fat Myth
Things You Can Do With 100 Pounds Of Magnetic Putty
How To Grow Onions On Your Windowsill
Oklahoma Bill Passes: Extra Fees For Solar Power Use
Saudi Prince, U.S. Govtards Behind Syria Cannibals
Another Federal Land Grab In New Mexico
U.S. Orders 10 New Subs For Record 17.6B Worthless FRNs
31 People Killed In China’s Xinjian Region
Why Are Children Tried In Kangaroo Courts?
Israel FM Rejects “Hypocritical” Calls To Investigate Palestinian Teen Killings
Autism, Toxic Chemicals, Fetal Development
Okinawa Mayor Protests Construction Of New U.S. Base
CO Middle School Field Trip To Gun Range
Why was this not a news item when I was growing up there?
Analyst: UK Complicit In 9/11 False Flag Operation
Over 100 People Killed In Nigeria Blasts
U.S. Secretly Selling Nukes Worldwide Via Israel
Worthless FRN As Reserve Currency … *ahem* … ‘Obsolete’
Israeli Forces Target Palestinian Fishermen
Minnesota 1st State To Ban Antibacterial Soap
Chinese Media React To Cybercrime Charges
Four People Killed In Taipei Stabbing Spree
U.S. Troops Head To Jordan For War Games
Russia To Veto UN Syria Resolution
Why Victims’ Families Furious About 9/11 Museum
Kiev Troops Pulling Back From E. Ukraine
George Soros Sells All Citigroup, BOA, JP Morgan Shares
Soros & Marijuana Legalization
Special Report: George Soros: Godfather Of The Left
80 U.S. Troops Deployed To Chad
CIA, FBI, DEA Whistleblowers Warn America
Kerry: ‘All Options On Table’ For Venezuela
Russia-China Banking Deal To Exclude Intrinsically Worthless FRNs
Syrian Forces Break Aleppo Prison Siege
Oregon Counties Defeat Monsanto, Ban GMO Crops
Rage Grows Over Israeli Murder Of Palestinian Teens
Mentally Ill Inmates Methodically Tortured In Florida Prison
eBay, Paypal Hacked; Millions Asked To Change Passwords
As Soetoro sells Great Lakes freshwater to China…
Texas Towns To Run Dry In Matter Of Months
Historian Richard Dolan: UFO Coverup Nutshelled In 10 Minutes
NC Restaurant Posts ‘No Guns’ Sign, Gets Robbed
More On China Summoning U.S. Ambassador

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
China Urges Alliance With Iran, Russia
Documentary Explores Science Behind Autism Epidemic
Michigan Protests Nuke Waste Storage Plan
Jackson County, Oregon Approves GMO Ban
Jewish Lies On DC Buses
Time: Debunking Extremist Myth That Islam Is ‘Anti-Jewish’
Too Classified To Publish
Rouhani Urges Destruction Of All WMDs
GMOs, Inflammation, Disease
Hate At American Pro-Israel Festival
U.S. Complicit In Videotaped Murder Of Palestinian Boys
Homo Activist Admits True Purpose Is To Destroy Family
CA Bids To End NSA Spying On Citizens?
China, Iran, Russia ‘Redefining New World Order’
‘West Aims To Destabilize All Of Africa’
Polio ‘Global Health Emergency’ Fabricated By NWO
Nigerian Security A Nigerian Matter
Strange Weather Around The World In 2014
9/11 Video Aired Once & Never Again
Bludgeoned Occupy Activist Sentenced To 3 Months
Anomalous Objects Around Sun
Michael Soetoro Bashes Constitution For Not Curbing ‘Hate Speech’; Says Students Should Police Relatives
Libya Conflict Legacy Of NATO War
The True, & Truly ENORMOUS, Size Of Africa
Hoverbikes To Go On Sale By 2017
EU Presses Soetoro To Expand Fracking While Banning It In Europe
Ousted Honduran President & Supporters Storm Congress
Ohio Jail Shows Pirated Movies To Inmates Jailed For Pirating Movies
Soetoro’s New Helicopter Fleet To Cost 17 Billion Worthless FRNs
Good Policeman Responds Favorably To Gun Rights Advocates
Power Of Israel Lobby In Belgium
Ukraine Military Gunfight Simulation Near Kramatorsk
Let’s Hope Common Core Govtards Don’t See This
Freakish Method For Python Hunting
Govt. Handbook For Internet Trolls Uncovered
Pi & Mathematical Structure Of English Alphabet
Feds Used Charity Money On Massages, Food
How Rescued Whale Thanked Her Rescuers
Paleo Diet Desserts
Moringa Oleifera: King Of Superfoods
Depression & Candida
11 Things That Destroy Your Immune System
Mercola: 9 Things You Should Never Eat
RT Pushes Ridiculous 2011 Bin Laden Assassination Lie
Rising Resource Costs Escalate Global Unrest Odds
Mistrial For Cop That Blew Up Woman’s Eyeballs
FCC Chair Grilled Over Net Neutrality Rules
WikiLeaks Threatens To Name NSA-Targeted Country
U.S. Sending Another Warship To Black Sea
MI5 Accused Of Complicity In Torture (big surprise)
Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars (full film)
Imagine If Russia Had Toppled Canadian Government
How Israel Buys U.S. University Administrators
What Happens When You Run Water Through 24Hz Sine Wave
Santa Cruz County First In CA To Ban Fracking

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
White House: WE PROMISE!!!!!
Muslim Brotherhood Ties To White House
Where Unsold Cars Go
3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life, Identifies Murderer
Video Of Super-Cell Formation
Former CIA Pilot Swears Affidavit: No Planes Hit Twin Towers
University President’s Israel Junket At Public Expense
How To Peel Whole Head Of Garlic Post-Haste
California Man Puts Loss Of House To Fire In Perspective
Russia, China: “No” To Sactions Rhetoric, Regime Change
“Hate Speech” Laws Require Us To Accept Evil
RT Pushes Feminist Claptrap (Make sure to read the comments!)
NC Law Would Criminalize Discussion Of Fracking Chemicals
Balkan Flooding Leads To Landslides; Wartime Explosives Dislodged
‘Soetoro, UK Puppet In Latin America’
Rogue Government Prepares For Heated Conflict
Blackwater Mercenaries In Ukraine: Report
Swiss Bank Admits To Helping Rich Yanks Avoid Taxes
Jerky Treats Linked To Dog Deaths
Scientists Find Way To Turn Light Into Matter
Angry Alumnus’s Letter To Gold-Digging Alma Mater
Scientists: Robots Could Be Programmed To Kill ‘For Greater Good’
Russian Battleships In Shanghai For Joint Drills
Soetoro Ignores Armed Forces Day, Celebrates Anti-‘Homophobia’
Soetorocare & Sinister WHO Codes
Secret Report On Early Soetorocare Enrollments
More ‘Affluenza’: Rich Jerk Crashes Ferrari In 7th DUI; No Jail Time
Cops Sued For Mass Round-Up Of Innocent People
Why People Have Difficulty Seeing ‘Jewish Question’
Media Blackout In Venezuela
Beirut Lodges UN Complaint Against Israel
Ex-Malaysia Premier: CIA Hiding Truth About MH370
Belgium Tiptoes One Step Closer To Total Globalist Depravity
Al-Qaeda: Friend Or Foe? U.S. Can’t Have It Both Ways
U.S. Charges 5 Chinese Officials With Cyberspying
It seems the U.S. still leads the world in one export: hypocrisy.
China Slams US Hacking Claims
China Summons U.S. Envoy, Vows Retaliation
Thai Army Declares Martial Law
Israeli Forces Destroy More Fruit Trees
Iran’s Defense Minister To Visit Russia
Floods In Bosnia, Serbia: Call For Help
Great Write-Up On Admiralty Law Scam
U.S. Missile Cruiser To Enter Black Sea
School Bus Terror Attacks Predicted
Natural Heartburn Remedies
Detox: Herbal Infusions
Detox: Turmeric Juice

USDA Wants To Buy Body Armor
Unprovoked, Coldblooded Murder Of Palestinian Boys
Cops Can Kick In Doors, Seize Guns Without Warrant
Sex Change Drugs To Be Offered To 9-Year-Olds
Schools Now Charging Children To Urinate
Feds Raid Natural Cancer Cure Center
Settlers Torch Palestinian Orchard
KSA Used Cluster Bombs In Yemen
Ukraine Signs 10-Billion-Worthless-FRN Deal With Chevron
Ukrainian Forces Join People’s Republic of Donetsk
Evil: UK Education Dept. Wants To Privatize Child “Protection Services”
Former Abortionist Sheds Light On Industry Profits
Buy Evil Company Stocks, Protest At Shareholders’ Meeting
Natural News Launches ‘Drudge Report’ Of GMOs
Male Cops Beat Woman At Double National Rate
Polish Study: Vaccines Have No Benefit, Cause Neurological Damage
Russia-China Ties At Highest Level Ever
Black Box Spying Devices To Be Deployed In Euro Cars
Red Ice Radio: Black Budget UFOs
UN: Peacekeepers Should Use Force More Often
How To Use Cinnamon As Medicine
Humble Glass Marble Actually Photography Kit Item
Vietnam Clamps Down On Anti-China Protests
Food Buyer’s Guide To Avoiding Pesticides
Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Ginger Tea
How To Track Cops
Swiss Vote Down Higher Minimum Wage
Amazing 9-Year-Old Discusses Meaning Of Life
Police Shoot War Veteran To Death
Project Blue Beam
Project Blue Beam Tech On Display At Billboard Awards

‘Juniper Cobra’
Principal Calls Cops On Student Over Doodle
Welcome To Nulandistan
Life & Influence Of Willi Munzenberg
11 Sunscreen Myths
GMOs & India Farmer Suicide Epidemic
Roundup’s Effect On Fetuses
On The Genealogy Of U.S. Presidents
Boys In Skirts Plan Sparks Standoff At French School
Hipster Tells 911 Not To Send Police
Pentagon Banned From Russian Arms Deals
Western Energy Giants In Ukraine
Chicago Police Chief Busted
New Mexico Ranchers Angry At Feds
Turk Cops Detain People Over Mining Disaster
Uniformed Goons Beat Innocent Man With Parkinson’s
Paleontologists Find Ever More Massive Animals
Soetoro Internet ID Scheme Rolled Out In Two Treasonous States
Strategist Warns Of New Russian Threat. Scared Yet?
(YAWN) Soros Plotting To Usurp Elections
Jim, please note:
Russia: U.S. Behind Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 Crash In Indonesia
Big Surprise: UK Blocks Documents Proving UK Complicit In Torture
Illinois Resident Tests Positive For MERS, Isn’t Sick.
Utah Legislator (NOT “Lawmaker”): “Bring Back Firing Squads”
“North Korea is dark at night”
An anecdote. One day, maybe three years ago, I encountered three commercial airline pilots on a Seoul subway. All said they routinely flew in from the U.S., and their trajectory afforded them a clear view of North Korea at night. When I asked if night-time North Korea was pitch black except for a few pin pricks of light, they looked baffled. They said, no, it was not as bright as its neighbors, but by no means was it that dark.
Kim Jong Un’s “Executed” Girlfriend Reappears
Physicists: Energy Can Be Transmitted ‘Without Distance Limit’
Note to physicists: Learn to meditate.
Mystifying CIA Irony: ‘Israel Among Top 3 Anti-U.S. Spies’
Brazilian Inmates Take 122 Hostages
Tunisians Slam 1985 Israeli Air Raid
UK’s Richest Own One Third Of Country’s Wealth
RT Pushes ‘Fossil Fuel’ Myth
U.S. Army Has Built 300-Acre Fake City
U.S. Fueling Conflict In South China Sea
Govt To Halt Fee For Non-Existent Nuke Waste Site
Iran Vows To Destroy U.S. Navy
‘We’re All “Conspiracy Theorists” Now’
‘US Concern For Nigerian Girls Suspicious’
Syria Cannibals Ruin Shia Shrine
Obama Threatens Russia With More Sanctions
‘Air Force Prepares To Dismantle HAARP’
I guess the new tech has rendered it obsolete.
Fighting The NDAA With PANDA
Kiev Urged To End Military Operations
Kiev Forces Join Pro-Russians In Donetsk
U.S. To Spend 3M Worthless FRNs On U.K. Spy Hub
Egypt Holds New Trial For Morsi
‘Iran To Launch Three New Satellites’
1000s Across Europe Rally Against EU ‘Austerity’
Satanic EU ‘Election’ Cartoon Scandal In Denmark

For the last five weeks, I have committed every single spare moment of my time (outside of gardening) to present you with this newsfeed.

Today, I was sidetracked by a promise to help an old friend do something really big.

Today, exactly 42 years ago, my distaff grandfather, a great bovine pathologist, who traveled to the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War, who held hopes of winning the Nobel Prize (since trashed by the likes of Soetoro), who had a briefcase stolen within weeks of his death, who impossibly (according to the death report) SLIT HIS OWN THROAT EAR TO EAR — Today, 42 years ago, when I was a mere 7 months old, died, murdered by the CDC — the government that he had served and trusted, having served as an Air Force pilot during both World War II and the Korean War. In fact, it is a fact of family lore that he daily flew MacArther’s roses and whiskey to Korea from Japan.

I won’t give any more information away. Suffice it to say this, to those who are responsible. I am in the process of finding out who you are. And after I find out who you are, I will take you to court for the murder of my grandfather. I will bring you to justice. This spoken on the 42nd anniversary of your murder of him.


I don’t have to wish that you rest in peace, Gramps, because I know that you ARE at peace. I know this because you speak to me when I am distraught, you whisper to me when I can hear nothing else but noise, and because you guide and protect me every step of the way. And I know that I will avenge you. I have another old man’s promise. I think you met him while you were here in Korea.

In the next world we will compare notes. I love you.

Your loving grandson,


Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
Disarming Veterans
Police Now “Armed For War” Against Returning Vets
Vets Die Waiting While Manning Gets Sex Change
DEA Agent Accused Of Assaulting Woman With M-16
Syria Cannibals Shoot, Beat British Journalists
Australian Govt. Spending Soars By 60 Billion
8 Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water
Web Developer Gives FCC Personnel Dial-up Speeds
Colbert Rips Amazon’s Stupid Photography Patent
High School Student Suspended For BB Gun In Car Parked Off-Campus
Russian CNN: Depleted U.S. Military Attempting To Create ‘Moral’ AI
USDA Now Buying Ballistic Body Armor
Albuquerque Cops Promote Cop Which Burned Off Man’s Ear
Strange Things Happening To Astronauts Returning From Space
Soetoro Regime Spanks NY Times Editor
Early Soetoro Regime Spanked Nobel Prize Foundation For “Fawning”
‘Citizens Of Mexico Rediscover God-Given Rights’
Arson Investigation Underway In SoCal
Walmart Installs RFID Chip Machine
Alan Watt On Reality Bytes Radio, 5-15-14
Congress ‘Moves’ To Repeal Unlawful Raw Milk Legal Codes
I am as sick of posting bad cop stories as you probably are of seeing them, but the stream of them never ever ends…..
Printable List Of Monsanto-Owned “Food” Producers
Outrage In Turkey After PM Aide Kicked Protester
Artist’s 3D-Printable Mask Tricks Facial Recog Software
Regular DOJ Background Checks Failed To Reveal Employee Was Not U.S. Citizen
EP Member: Iran ‘Entitled’ To Nuclear Energy
Memo To EP Member: Thanks, but Iran doesn’t need your blessing.

The U.S. Military’s “New Normal” In Africa
Boko Haram: How Colonialism Benefits
Insane McCain: US Should Invade Nigeria If Necessary
Memo To McCain: Nigerian Vigilantes Killed Scores Of Boko Haram Personnel
Govtard ‘Education’ Commissioner: Opposition To Common Core “Racist”
Memo To Govtard: These Parents Home-schooled 6 Children Into College By Age 12
Flashback: EVIL: Militarized ‘Authorities’ Invaded Peaceful Texas Community, Kidnapped & Tortured 400 Children, Based On A LIE 
Students Find 40K FRNs In Salvation Army Couch, Return It to Granny
No Charges Against Cop For Tasering Child, Inflicting Brain Damage
Feds Escalating War On Patriots
A Great Time To Buy A Machine Gun?
Gerald Celente: America’s Lost Soul
James Madison Must Be Rolling In His Grave
Ukraine APCs Open Fire On RT Video Agency Crew
German Media Suppress Poll Results: 89% Favor Putin
Russia To Ban U.S. From Space Station
British ‘Quantum Compass’ Tech To Replace GPS
French Schoolboys Getting The Feminist Brainwash
The Misanthropic Agenda In Modern Culture
Gilad Atzmon On Israeli Lobby’s Dominance In DC
Iran Rebuffs Canada’s “Worthless” Stance
Hagel To Arabs: Unite Against Iran
Israelification Of American Police
DHS Thugs Raid Flea Markets
Why Elites & Psychopaths Are Useless To Society
Comcast Foresees Data Limits For All Customers
‘Israel After Palestine Ethnic Cleansing’
Israel’s Tactics To Blunt U.S. Backlash Against Its Spying
Kazakhstan Ratifies Air Defense Deal With Russia
The Incredible Shrinking U.S. Military
U.S. To Increase Aid To Al-Qaeda Syria Cannibals
U.S. Plans 800M-FRN Deal With Iraq To Deter Its Libya & Syria Allies
Syrian Cannibal Officer: “We could work with Israel, but quietly”

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
U.S. To Spend 24.5M Worthless FRNs Circumcising Africans
Russian Satellite-Bearing Rocket Crashes
Spying Meant To Crush Dissent
American Govtards Increasingly Cruel To Homeless
Sprint Knew About NSA Bulk Data Collection
Four Cops Tase Washington Man To Death
FCCtards Vote Against Net Neutrality
USDA Goes Paramilitary: Explanation Required
Infographic: How The Israeli ID Card System Enforces Apartheid
Caveat: While the following rant and other links come from Russia’s CNN, it and they contain information worth noting.
Guess Which Company Now Has 100,000 Patents
9-11 Insider Trading & Recent Spate Of Banker ‘Suicides’
Congress Mulls Restricting Enhanced Military Powers
Military Turns Down 80% Of Applicants As Armed Forces Shrink
50,000 Gallon Oil Spill On Los Angeles Streets
World Cup Forces Brazilian Families Into Tents
Woman’s Eyes “Blown To Pieces” By Cop
Google’s Part In The Military-Industrial Complex
Boko Haram: How Colonialism Benefits
New IRS Revelations (& Soetoro Behind Scenes)
Flu Shot Kills Teen; Vax Industry Immune
Vitamin D & Multiple Sclerosis
Garlic: Nature’s Antibiotic
Conventional Kibble Could Be Harming Your Pet
Journeys of a Psychic Army Spy
BREAKING NEWS: Good Cop Discovered In South Carolina
Pope Says He Would Baptize Aliens
4 Tomato Plant Support Systems
Magnesium Perhaps More Important For Strong Bones Than Calcium
Photographer Explores Forgotten NYC Island
Strawberries Could Help Ward Off Alzheimer’s
15 Herbs & Foods To Cleanse Blood
Psychedelic Intelligence: The CIA & The Counterculture
One Use For Plastic Bottles: Build Your Own Island
Study: Thyme Oil Beats Ibuprofen For Pain Relief
Like Newton: Guy Knows Law, Cop Blows Fuse!
Albuquerque ‘Police’ Flout Lapel Camera Policy
Soetoro’s Reality-Show ‘Presidency’
U.S. Rabbi Charged With Robbing Disabled Children
USDA Releases Request For .40-Cal Submachine Guns
Are they worried the GMO corn will stage an uprising?
Death: Israel’s Birthday Present To One Palestinian
Feds Release 36,000 Convicts ‘Because They’re Illegal Immigrants’
SERCO: Biggest Company You’ve Never Heard Of
Kiev’s Troops To Wear German Uniforms, Sleep In American Tents
No-Neck Pigs Kill Another Puppy
Insane McCain: US Should Invade Nigeria If Necessary
‘Saudi Arabia Supports Iraq Extremists’
New Snowden Docs Reveal Depth Of NSA Facebook Infiltration
Wisconsin March On Monsanto, May 25th
Soetorocare Processors Paid To Do Nothing
Thunder God Vine For Arthritis
Peer-Reviewed Paper: Vaccines Causing Diabetes, Obesity, Autism
Become A Walking Lie Detector
Venezuelan Lightning Storm Lasts 180 Days / Year
Graham Hancock: Seeking ET Evidence In Bolivian Cave
German University To Grant Snowden Degree
Russia’s 3rd-Largest Bank Pulls Currency From Europe
Russia’s De-WorthlessFRN-ization
Germany Sets New Renewable Energy Record
German Journalist: “The system is demasking itself”
Utah Lawmaker Moves To Disarm BLM, IRS
Libtard Logic: “More abortions would reduce stillborn rates!”
Planned Parenthood Counselor Failed To Report Serial Sex Offender
Coloradans Protest Smart Meters

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
Children Toil On U.S. Tobacco Farms
Kanuckistan Federal Goons Are As Bad As Yanks
Rosalind Peterson Addressing UN On Chemtrails
Joe Biden’s Son Joins Board Of Ukraine Gas Company
Common Core: Federal Agents To Be Placed In Schools
FBI To Unwilling Informant: “You’ll die in a car accident”
Cops At Checkpoints Pointing Guns At Heads
NYPD’s Brutal Lesson: Don’t Use Twitter
Old-Timer Scolds New School PC Bimbo Sock Puppets
Michael Soetoro’s Viral Pic Bombed With Anti-Drone Campaign
Cat Barks Like Dog; Reverts To Meowing When Busted
Cat Saves Little Boy From Vicious Dog Attack
Propaganda Alert: ‘Differences Between Koreas North & South In Photos’
My Advice: Investigate North Korea Via Google Earth
NATO Sailors Desecrate Latvia
NASA Detects Massive ‘Square Hole’ In Sun
Pat Robertson Goes Kind Of Cosmic
Orwellian Newspeak: The Water Supply Of Olympia, WA Has Been Hijacked.
More NSA Secrets Revealed
Putin Delivers Good, Hard Nutkick To Uncle Sam
Abe Foxman Addressing Holodomor In Ukraine
TSA Goon Exodus Leaves Travelers Stuck
EPA May Force Disclosure Of Fracking Chemicals
‘FCC afraid of Comcast, won’t ensure net neutrality’
San Diego County Fire Prompts Home Evacuations
Cop Savagely Beats Young Man For Telling Him To Close Donuthole
NY Times, Justice Dept. Withheld NSA Spying Info
Former CIA Chief Says Metadata Used For “Killing People”
Tech Billionaire Buys ‘Public’ Beach: Orwell, Anyone?
How Thug Reacts To Homeowner’s AR-15
Court Halts Texas Execution Following Bungled Oklahoma Incident
9-Year-Old Taken Away In Cuffs
Sandy Hook Actor Found Living In Texas, Playing In Crappy Band
Common Core Heavily Funded By Bill “Gates Of Hell”
Absurdly Difficult Common Core Arithmetic Problem
Why ‘ADHD’ Is Not A Disorder
‘Inventor’ Of ‘ADHD’: “It’s a fictitious disease”
Remembering Rachel Corrie
Rachel Corrie’s Parents Seek Justice In Jerusalem
Israel Supportive Of Syria Cannibals
Turkish Coal Mine Blast, 157 Dead, Dozens Injured
Cops Beat Man To Death For No Reason
State Defies Feds, Allows Thirsty Cattle To Drink
Strangers’ Reactions To Men Collapsing In Public
The Oatmeal’s Review Of Tesla Model S (profanity, crude humor)
Man ‘Comatose’ For 23 Years Was Actually Conscious
NJ Cop Recorded Bad Self Sexually Assaulting Girls, Cows
Special Archive: Man-Made Global Warming Hoax
Pallet Emergency Home Can Be Built In One Day
Eat To Starve Cancer
‘Can the EU build an empire without a bearded lady?’
U.S. Holds Massive Nuke Exercise

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
NYT Sewol Ferry Ad Worst Nightmare For Some People
Extermination Of Whites In Europe
Cop Shot, Killed During No-Knock Raid
House Explodes Moments After Cop Shot
Harvard Satanic Black Mass Cancelled
Leaked Russian Satellite Images Show Gigantic UFO
Cop Bows To Common Law
How NSA Tampers With Internet Routers
China Turns To Ukraine For Non-GMO Corn
German Govt. Hires DC Law Firm To Threaten Own Parliament
Children Describe Torture Under Israeli Confinement
New York Senate Passes Dumbest Bill Ever
400 Companies That Shun GMOs
Cop Executes Woman For Fleeing Traffic Stop
Former IAEA Head: Israel Has Nuclear Weapons
Design Flaw: London Shard Hotel A Voyeur’s Dream
Convert Your Room Into Giant Camera Obscura
Man Jailed 145 Days For Sharing Jury Nullification Data
Leaked Video Of Missile Hitting Pentagon
Neocon Psychos Blow Up Ukraine
Japan-Based Drones To Spy On N. Korea, China
UN Set To Debate AI Robots For War
How To Convert Your Room Into Giant Camera Obscura
Jailed For 145 Days For Insisting On Transparency
Missile Hitting Pentagon On 9-11
Neocon Psychos Blow Up Ukraine
Japan-Based Drones To Spy On China, North Korea
Veteran Killed By Cop, Execution Style
NYC Cop Involved In Teen Shooting Almost Receives ‘Cop Of Year’ Award
Things Get Worse For Cop Who Shot Dog
‘Putin Supportive Of Ukraine Roadmap’
Brazil Criminalizes Protest Ahead Of World Cup
U.S. Govt. Doesn’t Want You To Know: Selenium Kills Breast Cancer
Insurance Execs: 10s of Millions More Americans To Lose Health Coverage
How To Improve Vision Naturally
Former CIA Director: “We kill people based on metadata”
Kerry: “We wasted a year In Syria”
State Dept. Moving Explosives Across Country
Facebook Scam Alert
Mass Trial Of Indigenous Leaders Set To Begin In Peru
‘Eric Holder Guns Down Gun Owners, Journalists’
Chinese Ginkgo Biloba Products High In Lead
More Govtard Evil: Florida Town Punishes Couple For Feeding Homeless
Subway As Unhealthy As McDonalds
Feds Fence Off Cattles’ Water ‘To Protect Jumping Mouse’
Scientists ‘Able To Induce Lucid Dreams’
Apple Helps Cops Hide Their Brutality
Judge Orders Investigation Into Soetoro’s Fake SSN
Czech Defense Minister: No NATO Troops On Czech Soil
Fox Reported Bin Laden Dead In December 2001
Internet Activist Recovers Deleted Video Of Police Assault
Congenital Liar Claims Soetoro Instructed Him To Lie
Israeli Citizen Chicago Mayor Announces Jobs, Internships Will Go To Illegals
The Legacy Of Imprisoned Journalist Barrett Brown
House Passes Trey Goudy’s Plan To Stop Soetoro
HPV Vaccine ‘Contaminated’ With Viral DNA
CDC Recommends HPV Vaccine For All Children
Turmeric Tea: Liver Detox & Cleanser
Dreams May Be Controlled By Sleeper Via Electrical Current
Young Couple Built This House For $500

Terminally Ill Single Mother With Sick Child Tormented By School Board
What You Can Do About It (some profane ranting)
Record Antarctic Ice
RT Is Now Little Better Than CNN
Peace Prize Winner: “I’m really good at killing people.”
Peace Prize Winner Kills 6 More People In Yemen
Moscow, Beijing Close To Gas Deal
Iran Unveils New Missile With MRV Payloads
Tehran Proclaims Assad Victory In Syria
France Won’t Cancel Warship Deal With Russia
U.S. Arms Venezuelan Terrorists
U.S. Strategic Command To Hold Nationwide Wargames
U.S. Court Lifts Russian Rocket Engine Ban
Moscow Sends Destroyer To Mediterranean
Soetoro Won’t Recognize Separatists’ Sovereign Vote
Rand Paul: “Absolutely we stand with Israel.”
Jurors Urge No Prison For Protestor They Convicted
Why Congressman Boner Won’t Have Lois Lerner Arrested
NATO Stages Record Drills In Estonia
Boko Haram: US AFRICOM’s Latest False Flag Franchise
Nigerian Governor Claims To Know Where Girls Are
Joseph P. Farrell On Mysterious Flight Groundings, Etc.
Disaster Prepping & The Ketogenic Diet
Athlete Fined For Negative Tweet About Another Player’s “Coming Out”
UK Troop Posed With Taliban Corpse
Hundreds In Bosnia-Herzegovina March On Parliament, City Hall
Young Children Could Face Bullying Charges
How Covert Agents Infiltrate Internet: Leaked Classified Training Docs
Chart: How 37 Banks Became 4 In Just 2 Decades
Weather Channel Co-Founder Calls Fed Climate Report “Bad Science Gone Berserk”
The Haunting Beauty Of Nebulae
Kirlian Photography: Myth Vs. Science

Landslide Support In Donetsk & Lugansk Regions For Self-Rule
Graphic: Ukraine Natl. Guard Opens Fire On Unarmed Civilians
Slavery Of White Women In Israel
EPA Worker Watched Porn Daily, Wasn’t Fired
‘U.S. Private Troops Aiding Ukrainian Army’
Weakened U.S. Unable To Fight More Wars
7 Ways To Get Rid Of Ants, Naturally
What Would It Look Like If You Fell Into Lava?
Man Cured His Diabetes Through Diet
UK So High On Cocaine, Users Have Contaminated The Water Supply
Saudis Sexually Exploit Syrian Teens
Soetoro Should Be In Dock For Libya War
New Battle With BLM Breaks Out In Utah
BLM Stopped Again

Thousands Of Syrians Return To Homs
Iran Won’t Accept ‘Nuclear Apartheid’
Indiana: Constitutional Convention Planners Converge
Real Purpose Of Constitutional Convention To Scrap 2nd Amendment?
400 U.S. Mercenaries Deployed In Ukraine
NRA Involved In Drafting Anti-2nd-Amendment Laws 
Killing Africans With Pop Star Kindness
Global Research On “Humanitarian Intervention” In Africa
Small Solar — 12-Volt Charge Converters
The Greatest Health Conspiracy Of All Time
State Dept. Amassing Explosives Stockpile
474 Million Worthless FRNs For 4 Failed Soetorocare Exchanges
Lloyd Pie: Everything You Know Is Wrong

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
Iran Replicates CIA Drone
Triple Amputee Veteran’s “Screw You” Letter To Soetoro
Idiocracy Moment: CNN Places Ukraine In Pakistan
Paul Craig Roberts: Call Cops At Your Peril
Counterfeiter To U.S. Govt: “Screw You”
Tilting Skyscraper Windows Designed To Freak You Out
McDonald’s ‘Hires’ 7000 Touch-Screen Cashiers
RT Interviews Mars One Hopefuls
Woman Who Fabricated Holocaust Memoir Must Pay
Israeli Spy Hid In U.S. Vice President’s Bathroom
Metal-Eating Plant Discovered In Philippines
China Tests Super High Speed Maglev Train Concept
U.S. Dropped H-Bombs On Spanish Beach
U.S. Postal Service Loses 1.9 Billion Worthless FRNs
Venezuela Court Bans Smut, Porn
Europe Is Clinically Insane
Algeria Says No To U.S. Military Base
Holocaust School Assignment Unhinges Zionists
Nuttin’ Yahoo Promises Talmud To Be Israeli Law
Little Children To Face Misdemeanor Bullying Charges
FEC Chairman Warning: Govt. Media Censorship
Soetoro Criminalizes Mere Citation Of Snowden Leaks
Boko Haram Latest Africom False Flag Op
The Cat & The Ducklings
How Covert Agents Infiltrate The Internet To Attack Truth-Tellers
Weather Channel Co-Founder Calls Global Warming Script “Bad Science Gone Berserk”
UK Soldier Poses With Dead Body
12 Disgusting “Natural” Ingredients In The Food Supply
Drone Strike Victim Immeasurably More Beautiful Than The Soetoros Who Disfigured Her Face.
Anti-Surveillance Mask: Would It Work?
‘Referendum in E. Ukraine Catastrophic’
‘Impeach Soetoro’ Campaign Moves Mainstream?
German UFO Tech: Looks Hokey, But Worth Bearing With
Utah Fighting Homelessness With Generosity
Another Volley In South Carolina’s War On Homeless
For Consideration: Electronic Torture Mimics Mental Illness
Georgia Governor Signs ‘Guns Everywhere’ Bill Into Law
Christians In Jerusalem Want Jews To Stop Spitting On Them
Moloch Worship At Bohemian Grove
Pomegranate Power
Web Host Gives FCC 28.8Kbps Slow Lane
East Ukraine Protesters Barricade As War Looms
Infographic: Why GMOs Are Awful
Israel Pressing U.S. For More Military Aid
(Even As U.S. Kvetches About Israeli Spying)
CDC Vid Promotes HPV Vaccine For All Children
Healing With Moxibustion
Cop Sexually Assaults Woman, Arrests Her
Bizarre Week For NSA Reformers
5 Common Food Additives Toxic To Brain
Steve Hughes: Conscious Comedy
Bizarre: Iranian Official Claims Soetoro Is Clone

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
Citizen Pulled Over Drunken Cop, Locked Him Up
Common Core Addition — Absolutely Ridiculous
Henry Makow On ‘Homophobia’
List Of Israeli Citizens Running U.S. ‘Government’
The Culture Of ‘Seed Rape’
France To Deploy Thousands More Soldiers To Africa
U.S. Seeking Pretexts To Invade Africa
Soetoro ‘Most GMO-Dedicated’ Career Liar In America
Soetoro-Supported Cannibals Surrender Homs
Missouri Legislature Rejects Common Core
China Blames U.S. For Stoking Regional Tensions
Escobar On Putin’s Ukraine Strategy
James Fetzer On Newtown School Board Silence
Bill Gates’ Depopulation Agenda On Video
Cop Who Shot Leashed Dog Resigns
Soetoro Sends Missiles To Syrian Cannibals
Rice: Every Worthless FRN Spent On Israel “Worth It”
Ecuador To Eject USAID
New Sanctions On Venezuela
Under President Peace Prize “Change”:
69 Million Worthless FRNs For New Guantanamo Prison
RT News Roundup
Brzezinski Endorses Arming Kiev Junta
150 Kiev Troops Expelled From Donetsk
Pornography As A Secret Weapon
Cop Stupidity — Straight Out Of Saturday Night Live

A ‘Government’ Employing Israeli Dual Citizens Kvetches About Israeli Spying. Govtard Stupidity Never Ends.
7 Ways To Relieve Pain Without Drugs
17 Fire-Making Techniques
Dumbing Down Of America Accelerating
‘Soft Kill’ In Untied States: 8 Foods Banned Elsewhere
9 Jurors In McMillan Case Petition Trial Judge
10 Ways To Prepare Kale
Is Raw Kale Safe?
Curative Powers Of ‘Black Seed
New Boston Law Promotes Local Agriculture
50 Leading Tech Investors Slam FCC
Time To Stand Up For Men’s Rights
132 Nations Want Out Of Cabal Banking System

Amazing Healing Properties Of Bananas
FAA: U.S. Airliner Nearly Collided With Drone In March
IMF Goes To War In Ukraine
Soetoro ‘Peace’ Envoy Ridicules Palestinian Rights
Strawberries & Cholesterol
The Carrington Event
Power Grid Failure Could Lead To Untold Casualties
Official Lies Challenged At Sandy Hook School Board Meeting
100 Cameras Will Photograph Berlin with 100-Year Exposure Time
The Boogieman Is Back!
‘EU Set To Expand Russian Sanctions’
Israel To Lose ‘Jewish Future’: U.S. Envoy
DIY Aquaponics Kitchen System Grows A Meal A day
EPA May Disclose Fracking Chemicals After Public Backlash
Victory Day Parade On Red Square
Putin’s Coin Commemorating Annexation Of Crimea
Agenda 21 Plans Getting More Stage Time In America
This Is Hilarious.
5 Ways To Put Your Chickens To Work
Nuttin’ Yahoo An Increasingly Isolated Nut
Homeless In U.S. Being Sent To Camps?
Documents Emerge Vindicating Ambassador Leo Wanta
‘Self-Healing’ Plastic Based On Our Cardiovascular System
Fascinating PDF: ‘How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man’
Ex-IRS Agent Exposes That Private, Unlawful Confiscatory Agency
Albuquerque Citizens Attempt Arrest Of Police Chief
IRS Agrees To Turn Over Lois Lerner’s Emails
Former CIA Analyst Sues State Dept For Putting Him On ‘Watch List’
Food Industry To Sue Over Vermont GMO Labelling Law
The Many Benefits Of Burdock Root
Major U.S. ISPs Accused Of Deliberately Slowing Traffic

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
Pope Calls On Communist Organization For Redistribution Of Wealth
China Wants To Build High-Speed Railway To U.S.
Cops Confiscate Basketball Goal From Children, Drive It Away
Daughter Confronts School Board After Dad Arrested For Complaint
Healing Tooth Decay
Joseph Farrell On Russian Payment System
“Abducted Nigerian Girls” Hoax
Congressional Exodus
Vermont Passes Law Requiring GMO Labels
Malware Turns Smartphones Into Spy Equipment
Iran, Pakistan Stage Joint Naval Drill
The Benefits Of Burdock Root
Coldest Year On Record So Far In Untied States
Greenpeace: Robot Bees Superior To Real Ones
The “Economic Recovery” Continues
You Can Grow Citrus Fruits Even In Colder Climate
UK Govt. To Sell Personal Data
Families Of Ferry Victims March On Presidential Palace
Never Let Your Children Talk To Cops
Rockwell: ‘The Power Elite Wants War’
U.S. ‘Muscle-Flexing’ In Philippines Drill
Florida Makes Off-Grid Living Illegal
LA Landmarks Built On Fault Lines
The Nanny State Wants To Outlaw Bullying
Flying 3D Printers Could Seal Nuclear Waste
Sailor Denies US Navy Hacking Allegations
U.S. Wastes 2.9 Billion Worthless FRNs Growing GMOs Banned In China
Round-Op Alpha Message To Youth
Palestinian Inmates Plan Hunger Strike
Top 10 Places You Aren’t Allowed To Visit
Former BBC Presenter Accused Of Rape
Hollyweirdos Give Sotoero ‘Humanitarian’ Award
Rice Lands In Israel Amid Spying Row
The Roots Of Plant Intelligence
Albuquerque City Council To Restrict Protests
Proof that “higher education” just reinforces ignorance. This egghead thinks he lives in a democracy and fails to realize the government IS a corporation.
Reset The Net?
The Gun-Brain Connection
US Dropped 2.5 Million Tons Of Bombs On Paradise
(If you’ve never been to that country, you have no idea.)
Leader Of ‘American Spring’ Connected With Satanism
6 Uses For Ginger
Russian Armed Forced In High Readiness
Shooting With Anamorphic Lens On Ordinary DSLR
Gazans Convert Plastic Into Fuel
Ukraine Deploys 15,000 Troops To Russian Border
First Energy Self-Sufficient Island
Build Solar Heater Using Recycled Cans
Russia Plans Moon Colonization By 2030
Junk Food Lowers Testosterone
Church Security Cam Shows Inside Tornado
Russia’s New Law Regulating Online Speech
Citizens Take Over Albuquerque City Council
Sealed Bottled Garden Hasn’t Been Watered In 40 Years
Urgent Call To All Patriots

Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
Israelis Uproot More Olive Trees
Bill Gates: “Doing God’s Work”
Pelosi Says Cutting Her Pay Violates Her “Dignity”
Company Set To Sue Man Over Amazon Review
Minnesota: Criminal Conviction Required To Seize Property
100+ Tech Companies Slam FCC
Bitcoin Approved For Political Donations
Understand Israeli Apartheid In 11 Images
Musical Tesla Coils
Man Wants To Marry Laptop
Police State Infographic To Wake Up Your Friends
Elephants Never Forget
16 Questions About Sandy Hook
(The Asker Is Now Asking In Newtown)
Cops Are Complete Effing Morons
US ‘Defense’ Dept: Bitcoin Possible ‘Terrorist Threat’
Pentagon Spent 150 Worthless FRNs Per Gallon For ‘Green’ Fuel
CIA Aided Polio Comeback
FBI Agent Released On Bail In Pakistan
Vermont Governor Signs First GMO Labelling Law
‘Chameleon Vine’ Looks Like Whatever Tree It Climbs
Students Design Car That Gets 2,824 MPG
North Korean State Media: Soetoro a “Wicked Black Monkey”
Brilliant Jon Stewart Monsanto Rip
Pigs Execute Dog Outside 5-Year-Old’s Window
‘US-NATO Plot For Syria Has Failed’
Kindergarten Hour: Sanders Asks Fed Chair If US Is Oligarchy
Condoleezza Rice Charged With War Crimes At Rutgers U.
Emperor Soetoro Has Sold Great Lakes Water To China
Help Guardsman Vivian Cunningham
satan Statue For Oklahoma Capitol Awaits Final Judgment
CIA Targets Nigeria
‘US Seeking Confrontation With Russia’
Molecular Spectroscopy Pocket Scanner
Man Schools Cop On Rights, Due Process
Odessa Massacre: How Corporate Media Whitewash Ukraine
Odessa Survivor: Many Strangled After Escaping Fire
Navy Sysadmin Hacked 220,000 Sailors From Inside Nuclear Carrier
Dr. Mercola On Psychotropic Drugs Prescribed To Children
FEC Chair Warns: Drudge Report To ‘Face Regulation’
House Of Lords Committee: Fracking Should Be ‘National Priority’
Warning Signs Of Iodine Deficiency
New From Alan Watt
Scalia: Americans Could Be Detained In Camps
Dogs’ Baffled Reactions To Disappearing Treat
Moscow’s Roadmap For Ukraine Settlement
Putin Oversees Planned Military Drills
Scumbag Crime Lord Bill Clinton Named In Sex-Slavery Suit
Recorded Cricket Chirping Slowed Down Sounds Like …
2009: Israeli Families Picnicked While Watching Gaza Massacre
“Affluenza” Teen’s Parents To Pay Victim’s Family 2 Million Worthless FRNs
Common Core Assignment: Remove Two Amendments From ‘Outdated’ Bill Of Rights
The Perverted Walt Disney Empire
8 Foods To Optimize Your Immune System
Crimean Chief Prosecutor Swears Oath To Russia
Net Neutrality Defenders Camp Outside FCC
White House Tweets Photo Depicting Soetoro As King
Why You Shouldn’t Use Cruise Control In Rain
Corey Feldman Exposes Hollyweird Pedos
High Fructose Corn Syrup & Vaccine Ingredient Mercury
Medical Journals, MSM Peddle Shameless Vaccine Lies
Dr. Mercola On The Paleo Diet
Ukraine Situation Report
US Funding Of Israeli Settlements
Whole Foods Stock Plunges After Natural News Report
Was The Iran Explosion An Israeli Strike?
Soy Sauce Molecules Fight HIV
Thugs With Badges Murder Teen — ‘Sharp Object Shoved Down His Throat’
Video Shows US Contractors Killing Civilians
Brave Texas Pig Guns Down 93-Year-Old Granny

Effects Of Depleted Uranium
USA Corporation Guilty Of Wanton Genocide Via DU
Iraq Birth Defects Surpass Hiroshima, Nagasaki
New Jersey Govtards Trash Second Amendment
Harvard To Host Satanic Black Mass
Insane Scientists Make ‘Synthetic DNA’, Further Luciferian Agenda
Oakland Artist Builds Shelters For Homeless
California Govtards Tiptoe Toward Driving Tax
Turmeric Tea For Pain, Inflammation
Another Dashcam Snuff Film, Courtesy Of Cops
Stop The TPP!
Gregg Braden & ‘Quantum Healing’
The Original Video

Facebook Users: Mining The Matrix
Want to get the scum out of office? The best method follows, proven effective in Colorado.
How To Organize Recall Petitions
Sandy Hook School Board Meeting With Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer
Notice the Infowars agent — how he stupidifies everything.
Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD): I Cannot Stress How Important This Video Is
Why Anti-Authoritarians Are Diagnosed As ‘Mentally Ill’
Nonconformity & Freethinking Now ‘Mental Illness’
New Rock Lines Found In Peru Predate Nazca
MSM Alleges Bitcoin Facilitates Child Snuff Porn
Is Bitcoin Untraceable?
What Actually Happens When You Put Metal In A Microwave Oven
Quack ‘Psychiatrists’ Stripping Veterans’ 2nd Amendment Rights
Extreme Forgiveness
Photos: Militarization Of Israeli Children
Huge Explosion Hits Oil Depot In Iran
George Will Impressively Lambastes Common Core
234 Nigerian Schoolgirls Abducted Last Month
Overgrown Elementary Schoolchildren “Discuss” “Climate Change”
Proof No License Is Required (Profanity)
Jim Marrs: Understanding Deep Politics (2010)
5 Powerful No-Prescription Antibiotics
What Happens When A State Stands Against Common Core
Record Antarctic Sea Ice
Newtown School Board, Newtown Bee Complicit In Sandy Hook
The Untold Story Of Measles
Giant 3D House Printer In Action
What It Sounds Like When You Put Tree Rings On A Record Player
Oregon Man Jailed For Rainwater Possession
Russian Planes Flew To California Coast
Secret CIA Weapons Facility In Texas?
France Approves Biggest Austerity Package In Years
Multiple Cancelled Appearances Among Criminal Elites
China Expects To Win Control Of “Gateway To Europe”
Oklahoma Quake Advisory
Cop Tasers Man Reading Book
Upstart Airline Creates Turbulence For Big Carriers
Father Arrested For Speaking Up At School Board Meeting
Your Brain On Electromagnetic Fields
Wolfgang Halbig’s Quest For Sandy Hook Truth
Wolfgang Halbig’s Newtown Confrontation Begins
Australia’s ‘Piracy’ Crackdown
Sniper Kills Slavyansk Woman On Her Balcony
New Benchmark For Insane Depravity & Moral Retardation
Amazon Files Patent For Classic Studio Lighting Technique
El-Sisi: ‘Muslim Brotherhood Is Finished’
Austin Cops Score New Armored Pig Wagon
Sober Woman Arrested For DUI After Deputy Breaks Her Neck
6 NYPD Cops Arrested For DUI; 3 Shot At People While Drunk
Poll: Most Americans View Feds As Threats
Texas Shutting Down Abortion Clinics
UPS Mis-Delivered Drone Worth 400,000 Worthless FRNs
Putin Establishes National Card Payment System

Nearly 102 Million Working-Age Americans Jobless
What Really Does Reduce Tooth Decay
Govtards Criminalize Rainwater Collection
NYPD Cops Drove Drunk, Shot At People
Want to get Zionist UN control freaks out of your state government? The following link will show you the way. It has already worked in Colorado.
Authors Confront Israel’s ‘Kafkaesque” Restrictions On Palestine
MSM Caveat: Herbal Medicine Goes Mainstream
Cleveland Clinic Begins Using Chinese Herbal Medicine
DIY Copper Rings For Slug Defence
Former Verizon & Comcast Attorneys Now Manage FCC
FCC & Net Neutrality: Don’t Get Mad, Get Even
Former Industry Lobbyist Who Wants To Kill Net Neutrality
FCC Contact Info (scroll down)
Grow 100 Pounds Of Potatoes On 4 Square Feet
McCain On NSA Spying: ‘Something You’ve Got To Accept’
Disturbing Facts About Common Core
New Details On Massive Meat Recall
Man Sick Of Paying Rent Builds Cozy Trailer House
9 Soetorocare Predictions That Have Come True
Delaware Prosecutor Accused Of Raping 16-Year-Old Boy
RGB Colorspace Atlas
800-Page Color Catalogue, 271 Years Before Pantone
The CIA’s Evergreen Air
U-2 Spy Plane Shut Down LA-Region Air Traffic Control
Conventional ‘Yogurt’ Is Junk Food
Deputy Crashes Into Sober Woman’s Car, Arrests Her For DUI
Govtards Begin Rollout Of ‘Driver’s License For Internet’
New Super-Heavy Element 117 Confirmed
Aquaponics Farm In Suburban LA
50,000 Pounds Of Food On Less Than One Acre
Ukraine Crisis: What You’re Not Being Told
Top 10 Evidence-Based Benefits Of Turmeric
Solar Jet Fuel
Why We Must Defend Net Neutrality
Coke To Drop Flame Retardant From Drinks
7 Cheap & Easy Photography Hacks
Employee-Centered Company That Could Destroy Wal-Mart
How Gut Fauna Influence Mood
Prescribed Deletion
Medical ‘Treatments’ Quacks Themselves Won’t Undergo
8th Graders Not Permitted To Question Holocaust
Govtard Harassment Of Private Property Owner

Hell On Earth In Odessa
Shooting Reported At Dayton VA Med Center
Indian Passenger Train Derails, 19 Deceased
Common Core Tests Laced With Corporate Slogans
Patsies Found For MH370
Israeli Officials Confirm Syria Strike
Saudi Arabia Moving Fighters From Syria To Ukraine
Biometrics & UN Plan To Hijack Internet
Fracking Outpacing Scientific Knowledge In Canuckistan
Trade Benefits Of EU ‘Imaginary’
Nuttin’ Yahoo Pushes To Define Israhell As ‘Jew-Only’
Washington Responsible For Massacre In Odessa
Insanity: Man Incarcerated For Giving
Multiple Volcanic Quakes In 7 Days’ Time
Murky Forces Instigating Odessa Violence

Criminal Gangs Operate From Downing St.
Can Ukraine Be Pulled Back From Brink?
No Russians Among Slavyansk Defense Forces
The Baltic Sea Anomaly
Dr. Ben Carson Warns Americans: Don’t Register Guns
Letter To The American People From Ukraine
Mathematicians Discover New Class Of Shape
Best Home Remedies For Sinus Infection
How Root Canals Undermine Health
New EPA Ruling Allows Seizure Of Private Land
US Scientists Release Voting Machine Hacking Video
CT’s Ministry Of Plenty: Newtown Residents Winning Lottery
Reports Of Soldiers Executing Civilians In Kramatorsk
Man With Down’s Syndrome Beaten By Cops For Walking
Insane: Nestle Wants To Patent Fennel Flower
Sony Crams 3,700 Blu-Rays’ Worth Of Data On Cassette Tape
Opium Production Hits Record High In Afghanistan
Earthship Biotecture
Three Foods That Help Ease Depression
Head Of ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ Steps Down
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Calls Soetoro ‘Outright Coward’
Voice Of Russia: Ukrainian Junta ‘Desperate’
ZeroHedge: ‘What’s REALLY Going On In Odessa’
Reports: US-Funded ‘Jihadists’ Crucifying Christians
‘Putin Should Send Troops Into Ukraine’
Federal Court: Cops Can Stop, Search You For ‘Behaving Innocently’
Yellowstone’s Supervolcano
Homeless Grandmother Arrested 59 Times For Sitting
Condoleezza Rice Ducks Commencement After Protests
Beware Operation American Spring
NSA Spying Goes Directly To Israel
Odessa Police Release Activists After Crowd Surrounds HQ
Ukraine Military Engages Self-Defense In Slavyansk
German Inventor Solves Permanent Magnet Motor Puzzle
‘Israel Ex-Officer Leads Ukraine Unrest’
Word “Racist” Invented By Leon Trotsky
William Rivers Pitt: Cliven Bundy — Clown Car Or Trojan Horse?

Sen. Gravel: ‘Something is monitoring the planet’
Was Spielberg At Boston ‘Bombing’ Scene?
Garden Uses For Epsom Salt
Jupiter Moon May Have Layered Oceans That Support Life
Iran Test-Fires New Missile System
Introduction To Aquaponics
Support For Afghan Flood Victims
Outraged Kramatorsk Locals Chase Away Kiev Military
Utah Ending Homelessness By — Gasp! — Giving People Homes!
Louisiana Govtards Get Set To Punish Beggars
370 Million People Face Threat Of Extinction
Alert: Another Major Catastrophe Coming To Japan
Reid Bunkerville LLC Exposed
Dozens Of Yank Spooks Consulting Kiev Regime
4.8 Quake Rocks Yellowstone
Utah Legislator Moves To Disarm Criminal Agencies
TED: What Facebook & Google Are Hiding
Google, FB, Microsoft, Apple To Start Warning Customers About Govt. Data Requests
Legislator Faces Child Porn Charges
“Bono” Partners With Monsanto, G8 To Biowreck Africa
International Permaculture Day
Martin Wolf On Monetary Reform
Positive Money, Martin Wolf & Bilderberg
10 Signs Of Thyroid Problem
More Educated Mothers Less Likely To Vaccinate
Boy Forced Into Adoption By “Gay” Couple Pleads
The Day US-Supported Fascists Began Murdering Civilians
Asinine Kurzweil Takes 150 Vitamins Per Day, Ain’t Getting Any Younger
Idiot Kurzweil: Nanobots Will Connect Brain To Cloud Computing
30 Traits Of Empaths
Hurricane Sandy, Geoengineering, Lawsuit, Direct Energy Weapons
Note to Jim: Answer received, thanks
Monsanto GMO Soy Worse Than You Might Think
UN Rights Investigator Accuses Israel Of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’
Exactly How Chicken Nuggets Are Made
McDonalds To Ad Lab Grown Meat To Nuggets
The History Of The House Of Rothschilds
USGS Suppressing Yellowstone Seismic Data
NSA Building 2-Billion-Worthless-FRN Spy Center
Human Slaves Of Covert Technology
7 Scientific Reasons To Cut Your Sandwich Diagonally
US Officials: Palestinians “Will Get State”
Millions To March On DC May 16th?
May 16th Uprising Might Be Zionist Plot
Soetoro/Biden Vacation Tab Reaches 40 Million Intrinsically Worthless FRNs
New Miley Cyrus Video Broadcasts MKULTRA
FBI Releases Heavily Redacted Sandy Hook Records

2014.05.02 ~ 03
Russian Man Pushed Off Virtual Roller Coaster
Florida Cell Phone Jammer Vigilante Caught
Round-Op Alpha Update
Former Australian Foreign Minister Exposes Zionist Lobby Power
Gov. Scott Walker Signs First Bill Of Its Kind
Gov. Mike Huckabee On IRS
Glimpses Of East Ukraine Corporate Media Won’t Show
Trapped Odessa Activist: “Nobody is letting us walk out of here alive”
Cops Ignore 911 Call From Boy Later Found Murdered By Mother
Documentary: North Korea Exposes Western Propaganda
North Korea Releases List Of US Human Rights Abuses
Soetoro: TPP Critics Are ‘Conspiracy Theorists’
Underground Greenhouse Grows Produce Year-Round
Sinkhole Swallows Part Of Exeter Commons Parking Lot
Judge Sentences Rapist To Community Service — At Rape Crisis Center
Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Brockman Murders Girl
Michigan To Criminalize Small Family Farms
Another Psychotic Pig Kills Another Innocent Dog
22 Very Weird Photos
First Canadian Fired For Refusing Vaccine
Australians Killed By US Drone Strike
Testimony Of US Soldier: Satanic Officers Sacrificing Goats
Thailand Hub Of Child Sex Trafficking
Aangirfan: The Child Sex Trade: From Haiti To Thailand To Ohio
Thais Idolize Their King
Child Trafficking In Thailand
Are The Russians Hiding A Global Superweapon?
Brzezinski: Infinitely Easier To Kill A Million People Than Control Them
Brzezinski: Threatening Russia, Supporting Kiev Neo-Nazis
Synthetic Drugs Found In SC Businesses, 7 Arrested
Round-Op Alpha Ultimatum
Ukraine Tanks Stopped By Unarmed Women
Hoax? Poltergeist On CCTV
Federal Court Rules Textbook Driving Posture Probable Cause
Baltimore Landslide
China Set To Overtake US As World’s Top Economy
Stolen Nuclear Material Heading Into US?
False Flag Alert: Massive Security Drill Planned In Boston
Leonard Cohen & MKULTRA: Mind Control At McGill & Columbia
Roseanne Barr: MKULTRA Mind Control Rules Hollyweird
Recipe For Poorer, Nastier, More Brutish Australia
DIY 5-Gallon Bucket Air Conditioner
Tinfoil Hat History
Why Pomegranates Are So Good For You
CDC Docs: Vaccine-Autism Connection Revealed
Old News: Beijing Subway Takes Plastic Bottles For Fares
What The Soetoros Spend On Travel, Vacations
Health Basics: Enzymes Catapult Immunity
Your Name In Capital Letters (scroll down)
HAARP Status Map Red Hot In California
Pentagon Can’t Replace Russian Rocket Engines
Roger Waters, Nick Mason: Why Stones Shouldn’t Play Israel
Feds’ 260K Acre Land Grab At Vail Lake
Russia, China Announce Joint Naval Drills; NATO Declares Russia Enemy
Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Rice Experiment
Ukraine Enacts Forced Military Draft
EMS Worker To Mom: “We’re agents of the state”
Satanic Sculpture Being Built For Oklahoma Statehouse
Woman Strip-Searched, Jailed For Overdue Traffic Ticket
Anti-Soetoro Signs On I-5 Near Seattle Draw WH Threats
Retired Army Ranger Drill Sergeant Blasts Washington
Baking Soda: True Enemy Of Big Pharma
No-Neck Goons Pulled Guns On Children Making Tree Fort
“You’ll burn it up in attorney fees before we give it back to you.”
The Secret “American” Army
Retired Army Officer Warned: DHS Preparing For War With Citizenry

Supreme Court Sided With LAPD In Warrantless House Search
More Chipping Away At 4th Amendment
Yellowstone Seismic Chart Spike; No Quakes Reported
Yellowstone: “Fissures Forming” Reported On Local News
How Pigs Treat Their Own Dogs
Big Oil Snuffling, Snorting, Oinking Florida Everglades
72 Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation In Massachussetts
Mona Lisa May Be First 3D Image In History
Study Shows Meditators Collapsing Quantum Systems At Distance
3 Master Fencers Battle 50 Novices
Another Development In Sterling Race War / 1st Amendment Psyop
Report: Justice Roberts Signed Off On Soetoro Arrest Warrant
TeamWakeEmUP On The Fedex Shooting

Does This Look Like A Grieving Father To You?
The 2:03 mark:
This Is How It’s Done
Russian Deputy PM: ‘Send US Astronauts To Space By Trampoline’
Toronto Mayor To Take ‘Leave Of Absence’ Over New Drug Video
IRA Leader Arrested Over 1972 Murder
Van Rompuy: ‘Screw The Public’
Heroin Production Hits Record Levels In Afghanistan
Turkish Police Clash With Mayday Protesters In Istanbul
Dash Cam Footage Shows Nevada Deputy Extorting 50K Worthless FRNs
Announcement: The following link originated at Prisonplanet. To keep your cookies away from Mossad’s grubby fingers, I now have a policy of never linking directly to Infowars. Just so you know.
UK: Man Arrested For Quoting Winston Churchill
EU Tax Raid On Pensions
UK: Up To 18 Pedophile Teachers At Top School
Happy ‘Revolution’: IMF Approves Ukraine Bailout Package
Acting President: Ukraine Govt. Has Lost Control Of East
Southern States To Be Hit Again — Storm Heads Back West
Net Neutrality Explained
White House Role In Ending Net Neutrality
Two Blasts Hit Indian Express Train
Agenda 21: The BLM Land-Grabbing Endgame
Possible Homicide Charges Imminent In Fox Exec’s Death
Lost Wedding Ring (Amazingly) Found After 41 Years
Cop Shoots Teen Girl Trying To Leave Party
Departures Grounded At Los Angeles Intl. Airport
Cascade Solar Concentrator Greatly Reduces Panel Footprint
NYPD Pays 55,000 Worthless FRNs To Arrested Photographer
Youtube Video Of SoCal Cop Shooting Contradicts Official Line
Magma Levels Inside Mount St. Helens Rise
Pacific Northwest Magma Chambers “Repressurize”
Who Controls America?
Entire Star Cluster Thrown From Its Galaxy
New ‘Hate Crime’ Bill To Control Speech On Internet, Radio, TV
Pennsylvania Cops No Longer Need Warrants To Search Vehicles
FBI Interrogates Man Over ‘Police State’ Facebook Comment
New Leak: How FBI Directed Anonymous’ Attacks
Alleged Anonymous Member Faces 440 Years
NSA TEMPEST Attack Remotely Views Your Screen Via Radio Waves
NC Sheriff: “We have complete power and authority over you.”
Researchers Discover Bacteria That Produce Pure Gold
‘Anti-Sharia’ Legislation Advances In Florida Legislature
Sandy Hook Hoax Exposed In Under 6 Minutes
Strange Fibers Found In Chicken McNuggets
Gun Control Failing Because Americans Refuse To Obey
Soetorocare Soon To Appear In TV, Movie Scripts
Israeli Officer Murders British Filmmaker In Gaza
First Amendment Attack: Udall’s Amendment & The Sterling Affair
Cross-Check Shows Duplicate Voters In VA and MD
Train Derailment Video
Cool Shipping Container Houses
The Wonderful Flaws Of Insane Shelter Dogs
Mind-Boggling Industrial Plans For Arctic
Rick Perry, Domestic Financial Terrorist
Warehouse Worker: “Amazon is a time thief”
White House Opens Door To Tolls On Interstate Highways…
…which are owned by the States!
Faroe Islands — Sperm Whale Explodes

April 2014 Archive


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