April 2014

Open Letter To 22LR Buyers & Seekers
Aerial Dune Buggy Flies Up To 15,000 Feet
The History of Typography
Climategate — And STILL People Buy the Bullhockey!
One Florida City Fires Its Entire Police Force
Cop Caught On Dashcam Stealing 50 Thousand Worthless FRNs
16 Signs You’re A Matrix Slave
Soetoro Lies (Again) About Net Neutrality
Irony: Georgia Fedex Shooting Happened In “Gun-Free Zone”
Cultural Marxism: The Corruption Of America
Judge Sentenced To 28 Years; Sold Children Into Prison System
Prehistoric Hunting Structures Found Under Lake Huron
Millenials’ All Time Low Trust In President, Military, Media
Govt. Orders Youtube To Censor March On Monsanto DC
New Vid Alleges Evidence Syrian Rebels Used Chemical Weapons
State Dept / NY Times Photo Fakery BUSTED
City Of London’s Imperialist Designs On Russia
Pro-Moscow Separatists Seize Second Provincial Capital
Pressure Mounts On Blair Over Child Sex Abuse Coverup
Executive Branch Rife With Child Porn Pervs
Five Survival Uses Of Pine Resin
Seattle Family Sues LAPD For 25 Million Intrinsically Worthless FRNs
Counterpunch: Are Western Policies Evil, Or Desperate?
Canada Deploys Fighter Jets To Eastern Europe
World’s Most Remote Outdoor Movie Theater
Supreme Court Greenlights NDAA Detentions
Natural News Fluoride Action Network
Open Letter To The dishonourable Ban Ki-Moon
Worthless FRN Collapse Warning: July 1, 2014
Colloidal Silver & True Cause Of Drug-Resistant Bugs
Boston ‘Bombing’ Flashback: Police State USA
Dzhokhar: FBI Pressed Tamerlan To Become Informant
Are Homeless People Being Disappeared?
US Court: Cloud Companies Must Hand Over ALL DATA ON DEMAND
White House Wants Chinese-Style Internet User ID System 
Farganne comment: I live in a country where such a system is in place. All I will say is, you had better address this and let Soetoro know it ain’t gonna happen.
States Test Federal Online ID System
Large Christian Org. Starts Anti-Palin Petition
Do They Scout Out Dog-Haters When Recruiting Cops?
State Dept. Cable Via Wikileaks: ‘Detainees Were Raped’
Benjamin Freedman On Zionism, Part 1
Nye County, Nevada Votes To Eject Feds
Science Shows How Guitar Players’ Brains Different
City Serves Notice To Woman For Living Off-Grid
US Ranks 46th For Press Freedom
‘Anonymous’ Use Walkie Talkies, Radio Waves To Access Net
Queensland Jails Ban Smoking; Prison Guards Braced For Violence
‘Anonymous’ Sends Warning To Green Bay Police
Sonic Tyranny: Rockefeller Foundation & ‘A=440Hz’
Goldman Sachs & Sex Trafficking
Major HAARP Signals Reported in Southeastern US
Man Claims To Be ‘God’, Reveals ‘His’ Mark
Congressman: Bundy Militia Has Set Up ‘Checkpoints’ in Nevada
Cop Busted On Video Stealing 8,000-Worthless-FRN Watch
‘Dark Wallet’: Bitcoin Money Laundering
Banker Deaths Now Classified As ‘Trade Secrets’ By Federal Regulator
Jim Stone Project Camelot Interview
Sean Stone Interviews Kerry Cassidy
How US Coalition Got Stuck With World’s Worst Warplane
US Stealth Jet Can’t Elude Russian Radar
Announcing The MIT Bitcoin Project
Firearms Applications Spike 380%, Swamp ATF System
Town Built Around ‘No Wi-fi’ Situated Next To NSA Snoop Center
Long Beach Uniformed Thugs Shoot Unarmed Man In Back
The Obama Youth Movement & Seizing Of American Children
Top 10 Reasons Not To Talk To Cops
De-Manufacturing Consent
Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Generator
The Crippling Effects Of Porn Consumption
Creating A “New Israel” In Southeast Texas?
Europe To America: Your Apples Are Hazardous
Peel A Head Of Garlic In 10 Seconds
The Smart Way To Cut Cherry Tomatoes

Soetoro’s Decision-Making Process Elegantly Depicted
The Network Neutrality Issue Clearly Explained
Encore: Epic Chemtrail Pilot Fail (Youtube Link)
Since this video was quickly scrubbed from the Beforeitsnews page, here is a Youtube search whose yield cannot be so easily wiped:
Swedish Law Criminalizes Anti-Immigration Speech
What Is “County Property”?
Coldest Star Ever Found Spotted By NASA
Doctors Crack Jokes About Man Under Anaesthesia
Russians Won’t Take Soetoro’s Calls
Cops Respond To Teenage Nerf Gun Battle
Fred Thompson Succinctly Skewers Soetoro Library
A Wild Idea That People Are Starting To Take Seriously
Are We Being Infected With Nano-Fibers?
Chernobyl 28 Years After
Chernobyl Birds Have Learned To Thrive
Solar Warden — The Secret Space Program
Malaysian Legislation Would Hold Non-Muslims To Sharia Law
Amazingly Timed Photos
The Genius Of Buckminster Fuller
Mike Rivero: All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars
Major General Smedley Butler: War Is A Racket
Pasco County Sheriff Finally Does His Job; Squatter In Custody
Cop Breaks 10-Year-Old’s Leg, Sexually Assaults His Mother
Australia’s Brutal New Mental Health Bill
America’s Corporate Prison System
If You Happen To Use Chrome, This Is Pretty Cool
Shipping Container Homestead Withstands Tornadoes
Simple Acts Of Kindness
John Kerry & Israeli Apartheid
Russia Expresses Concern About US / NATO Troop Buildup
Qatar Training Syria Militants: Reports
Family Dog Brings Alzheimers Gramps Out Of Stupor
TV Black-Out: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Islamic Parties To Boycott Egyptian Election
Water Police Quietly Patrolling Neighborhoods
US Economist: Russia Will Benefit From Sanctions
Photoshop Street Artists ‘Erase’ London
Criminal Cancer Foundations Commit Massive Fraud
Natural Pest Control Methods For A Healthy Garden
NK Calls SK President ‘Prostitute’; Soetoro Her ‘Pimp’
US To Push New Sanctions Against Russia At G-7
Iranian Navy’s 30th Fleet Was Deployed To Atlantic
Iranian Navy To Unveil New Destroyer
Sheldon Adelson’s Buzzfeed Strategy Won’t Fix Israeli Apartheid
How To Hide From Drones / Thermal Imaging
17 Greatest Camera Hacks Of All Time
What To Eat When Your Budget’s Tight
Drone Footage Of Tornado Aftermath
Pentagon Using Man-Sized Robots For ‘Humanitarian Aid’
Americans Fail Basic Citizenship Test Questions
US Intentionally Bringing Europe To Brink Of War
Alan Watt On ‘The Biggest Con In History’
The Biggest Secret About Banking Has Just Gone Mainstream
Palin: ‘Waterboarding is how we baptize terr’ists!”
Youtube Deletes Truthers’ Channels
Researchers Watch High-Temperature Superconductivity Emerge From Magnetism
Cop Slams 70-Year-Old Handcuffed Woman Face-First Into Concrete
States Quietly Sign Plan To Ditch Electoral College
‘The Media Are Turning’ On Soetoro
Super Tornado Outbreak Dynamics Detected
Major New Internet Explorer Security “Flaw”
Even Governments Hating On IE
Parents Call Cops On Teen For Giving Away Banned Book
Soetoro Takes Another Selfie
Selfies Linked To Narcissism, Addiction, and Mental Illness
March Against Monsanto’s Global Headquarters
Rand Paul Proposal To Halt Aid To Palestine
US Sends 150 Troops To Russian Border
Avoid These 5 Things & Get Your Body Alkaline
The Mother of All Antioxidants?
Judge OKs Decision To Sell Widow’s Home Over $6.30-Worthless-FRN Debt
As Above, So Below: Australia’s Stonehenge 
Nuttin’ Yahoo Threatens Iran — Again (yawn)

Busted: Pilot Forgets To Switch Off Aerosols Before Landing
Fraser: “Get US forces out of Northern Australia!”
Pentagon to Destroy $1 Billion Worthless FRN Worth of Ammo
Facebook: What Happens If You Put Alternator in Dryer
Real Currencies
Nuttin’ Yahoo: No Talks with Hamas-Backed PA
Maliki: One of the Worst Horses the US Ever Backed
Palestinian Authority to Start Formation of New Govt.
The Dirty Hand of the National Endowment for ‘Democracy’
JP Morgan, Goldman, Fed Complicit in Gold Price Fixing
Pushback Continues: States Grow Wary of Common Core
Dutchsinse: Debunking the ‘HAARP Was Abandoned’ Lie
Soetorocare Exchange ‘Cover Oregon’ Collapses in Failure
Cyril Smith Abuse: Council May Face Coverup Investigation
Blair Minister Suspected of Abusing Children
Carcinogens in ‘Organic’-Labelled Products
Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonalds Burgers ‘Unfit for Consumption’
UK Study: Fast Food Ice ‘Dirtier Than Toilet Water’
Casualties, Massive Damage as Tornadoes Rip through US
Gov. Jindal on Bloomberg: ‘This is a guy who could learn some humility’
Tom Ridge Resigns from Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Org after Just One Week
Elon Musk Questions Use of Russian Engines in US Rockets
SpaceX to Challenge USAF Rocket Monopoly, Citing Russia Sanctions
Black Soldier Defends Bundy against Racism Allegations
Cops Who Savagely Beat Woman on CCTV? Yep, Not Guilty
Feds Ask SCOTUS to Reject Case on Reporter’s Privilege to Shield Source
Doublethink: US Insists Going after Reporters Who Publish Leaked Info ‘Not Violation of Press Freedom’
Tax Refund Actually Interest-Free Loan To Govt
Soetoro Lie Mashup
Soetoro: World’s Loneliest “Leader”
3 Reasons to Add Lemon to Your Water
IRS Director Admitted Taxes Are Voluntary
NY Judge in Largest Bankruptcy Case in History Receives IRS & SEC Whistleblower Filing
Man-Made Tornado Warning
Major Soetoro Donor Avoids Jail Time After Vicious Assault
A Neuroscientist Explains How Meditation Changes Your Brain
Documents Proving Vaccine Dangers Hidden from Public for 30 Years
Agenda 21: The BLM Land-Grabbing Endgame
The Complete History of the House of Rothschild
Federal Raw Milk Raids
The Charts That Soetoro Doesn’t Want You To See
Are Israel and its US Lobby above the Law?
Footage of Drone Flight over Pro-2nd Amendment Rally
Georgia Expands Gun Rights, But Does The Bill Go Far Enough?
New from Alan Watt: “A Band-Aid Prevention Against Distorted Perception”
Your Cat Can See Things That Are Invisible To You
The NFL’s Role in the Coming Martial Law
Newman: Palmer ‘Buying Votes’
Clive Palmer Threatens To Sue Campbell Newman
Brother Nathanael: Sucking up to Sheldon Adelson
Time Running Low for Nevada Crime Boss Sheldon Adelson
Law Enforcement Myth Exposed: Fingerprints Not Unique
Hollyweird Producer Calls False Flag on Boston Bombing
Female Embodiment of Evil Invokes Jesus To Sell Socialism
In NY, 30 Pieces of Silver = 500 Worthless FRNs
60 Million Worthless FRN Chemtrail Lawsuit
Charles Murray: Militias WILL Rise Up
Human Trafficking Facts
300,000 Babies Kidnapped & Sold
False Flag Pandemic Fearmongering
Secret SAS ‘Kill Room’ Bunker Revealed
Motorcycle Vets Do Sheriff’s Job
Derelict Sheriff’s Contact Info
Fracking Nightmare — Lighting Water on Fire
US Military Forces Return to Philippines
Amazing Optical Illusion Vid (scroll down)
50 Worst Charities in America
Cops Photographed Choking College Student
The Zionist Murder of General George S. Patton
Israel Launches Ofek 10 Satellite

USAF Robot Plane Hits 500 Days in Space
French Woman Denied US Entry Because Her Name “Sounds Like Al-Qaeda”
Palestinian Detainees Hunger Strike
Flashback: False Flag Scarcity to Drive Up Demand for Vaccine
Americans Try to Place European Countries on a Map
Stereotype Map of Britain and Ireland
British Stereotype Map of USA
Students Cited for Disorderly Conduct after Nerf Gun Battle
Phobias Possibly Bad Genetic Memories
Trauma of Life Passed Down through Sperm Cells
US Grants Itself Right to Demand Overseas Online Data
Museum of Tolerance Busted Lying about “Gas Vans”
Ailment-Plagued Texas Family Wins Fracking Case
49 Million Americans Suffer “Food Insecurity”
Your “Digital Footprint”
Brian Greene: Parallel Worlds Will Soon Be Testable
Military Sound Cannon To Be Deployed Against Motorists
Canadian Govt. Admitted Recovery Never Happened
33 Amazingly Useful Websites
“Why I Had A Vasectomy”
Dogs Annoying Cats With Offers Of Friendship
6 Cops and 1 Helicopter vs. 1 Guy Who Knows His Rights
Hillary: Russia Will Pay Price for Ukraine Crisis
British Teen Dies in Colombia Drug Ritual
Planned Drone Strike at Bundy Ranch?
BLM Makes Case for Unilateral Land Acquisition
Reid Hit with Corruption Charges in Louisiana
Men: Seek Helpmates, Not “Soulmates”
Condy Rice Pulls a Nixon
Snowden Queries Putin on Live TV
Putin’s Thoughts on Invading Alaska
Condy Rice Joins Dropbox Board
Students, Faculty Protest 150K Payday for War Criminal Condy Rice
Condy Rice: Liar, Secretary of State, War Criminal
67 Richest Have More Than 3.5 Billion Poorest
Govt: We Own The Rain
Yell Fire
CNN Anchor Highlights Broken Soetoro Promise
Postmodern Archaeology
The Invention of the Jewish People
How Infowars Funnels Cookie Data To Stratfor
CDC’s Coverup of Vaccine-Autism Link
Solar Powered Window Socket
Animal Brothels in Europe
Planned World Wars
Psychologists: Dissidents Are More Sane Than Sheeple
Psychiatrists: Non-Conformity Is Mental Illness: Only Sheeple Are Sane
Former Oz PM Exposes Zionist Lobby Power
Report Claims Holder Approved Bundy Drone Strike
The Alex Jones Industrial Complex
Bundy’s Statements Discredit NY Times
The Truth About Tonkin
Arkansas Mom Destroys Common Core
Paul Craig Roberts on Impending War
15,000 Ukraine Troops, 100s of Tanks around Slavyansk

Verizon Wireless To Expose Customers’ Browsing
Blackwater Training Brazil’s World Cup Security
RT Demands John Kerry Apologize
35 Countries Where US Has Supported Criminals & Tyrants
Can Net Neutrality Be Saved?
Flash Message to DOJ: Arrest Adelson Now
Adelson: The Zionist Master of Mitt Romney
Precrime Tweets in NYC
‘Russian Jets Enter Ukraine Airspace’
Bahraini Regime Declares War on Shias
Michelle the Moocher
Understand Israeli Apartheid In 11 Images
Cop Recruitment Vid Shows Cops In Ghillie Suits
The Heartbleed Hit List: Passwords You Need To Change Now
Philly Cops Caught On Vid Robbing, Terrorizing Stores
Paragraphs From Magna Carta Omitted
Black US Senate Candidate Defends Cliven Bundy
New Qauntum Theory Tries To Explain Time
40 “Secret List” Vets Die of Medical Neglect
Magnesium Metabolism and its Disorders
Shocking Consequences of Media Bias Revealed
Indicted Businessman Accuses Reid
Largest Ever Water Reservoir Discovered In Space
Banker “Jumps” To Her Death In Paris
AIPAC Gambling Boss May Flee US
“Dieu et mon droit”
US Army Ready To Invade US?
Chicago Public Schools Enforcing Welfare
Girl Asks Queen To Stop Her Eviction
The Tiny House Trend
China: Cops Beat Woman, Men Kill Cops
Phoenix Cops Pass Shift Time Playing Cards
Richest Zionist on Earth
Black Marine’s Letter Refutes Bundy Racist Claims
Bundy: Edited “Racist” Video vs. Full Version
Cynthia McKinney on 911 etc.
Both Scientifically and Aesthetically Interesting
Round-Op Alpha Update: Arrest The Globalist Thugs
Korean Divers Find Cabin Filled With Bodies
How To Save The World
Kiev Attacks — Ukraine War Imminent

Putin Halts All Talks With White House
Oregon County Orders Baby Incinerator: Stop
The Sickening “Justification” For Abortion-To-Energy
Feds: Don’t Mess With Texas
Holder Cancels Speech Because of Protest
Race-Trolling CNN Gets Unexpected Retort from Black Bodyguard
Jim’s Nanobot Biowarfare Report
Russian Report Calls GMOs “Bio-Warfare Weapon”
Commercial Outlawed in Switzerland
20 Most Expensive Versions of Everyday Items
Boise High School Confiscates Cell Phones
Caught on Tape: Helicopter Explodes at Kramatorsk
Ukraine Military Launches New Op
Ecuador Ejects US Military Group
Marshall Islands’ Suit Takes On Nuclear Powers
How False Flags Are Used To Start Wars
Press Release: Statement from Cliven Bundy
Life on Mars Discovered in 1976?
F-35 Not So Stealth After All
NASA Worried by Huge Iceberg
AF Capt. Charged for Resisting Arrest in Own Home
Rabbis Give Two More Babies Herpes
The Amazing Intelligence of Octopi
So Many Years After Agent Orange
Detox Waters. Important.
Drunk Girl Rushed From Canadian PM’s Residence
Albert Pike: Morals & Dogma
America’s Abandoned Malls
Soetoro Threatens Russia and China
Profile of a World Class Diplomat
Former Oil Exec Says Fracking Not Safe
Unelected Regime Begins Killing Spree in Ukraine
NYPD Pays Off Videographer
University Prohibits Students From Disseminating Constitution
State Dept. Tool Psaki Refuses RT Question
Kerry Attacks RT
FBI Informant Tied To Cyberattacks Abroad
Kerry Draws “Red Line” On Ukraine
Yellen Collapse ‘Will Be Unlike Any Other’
Anzac Day and the Bankers
Propaganda Fraud: Putin “Says He Will Use Human Shields”
Criminal Investigation of Nobel Peace Prize
North Carolina Deputy Fail
Another View On Cliven Bundy Remarks
Oregon’s Top IT Official Recommends Scrapping Soetorocare Site
Round-Op Alpha Update
The Most Important News in the World Right Now
New Luxury Homes Sure To Be Haunted
Putin Warns Russians About Internet
Georgia Law OKs Guns in Schools, Churches
Babies Burned for Electricity in Oregon
Nuttin’ Yahoo’s Driver Accused of Child Rape
Bundy’s Son: Racist Quotes “Out Of Context”

Students Protest First “Lady” Over Ticket Allotment?
Why High Schoolers Really Despise First “Lady”
Vermont Law: GMOs Must Be Labelled
US Inciting Civil War in Venezuela
GMO Eggplant Fail
CIA Quietly Ramping Aid to Syrian Rebels
Justice Scalia on Taxes: “Perhaps you should revolt.”
Central Banks Realize Worst Nightmares Approaching
Soetoro’s 2nd FCC Chair Fails on Net Neutrality
Only 53% Disillusioned With Political Process
Women Prisoners Sterilized in California
SCOTUS: Cops Can Search from Anonymous Tips
Ukraine Deploys Tanks, APCs, Troops
Note to Jim: My last two forum messages to you have gone unanswered.
Soetoro’s Covert TPP Itinerary
Putin Consorts With Jews (Google Search Warning)
Kissinger Defends Putin
VA Hospitals Allowed to Let Veterens Die
Tax Refuser Found Innocent
McCain To Grant Terrorists Shoulder-Fired Missiles
Ship Sunk in 1888 Found Near Golden Gate
Electromagnetic Energy Harvester?
Fighting Breaks Out In Ukraine
Elderly Woman Detained For Feeding Birds
Massive Aboriginal Canadian Deaths Officially Admitted
What Soetorocare Does To Children
What ‘The Average American’ Will Look Like in 2050
Pink Slime
McDonald’s Burgers Unfit for Consumption
Project Bluebeam Tech on Display in Dubai
‘Man-Boob’ Epidemic in Scandinavia
2014 Bilderberger Meeting in Denmark
Hockey Says Australians Must Work Longer
Alabama Counties: More Voters than Residents
American Schoolboy Punished for Boldness
Decimating Military, Arming Federal Agencies
Forgotten Indigenous Soldiers of WWI
Taking the Plunge off the Grid
Round-Op Alpha Issues Notices of Arrest
Pasco County Sheriff Lets Squatters Steal Veteran’s House
Pasco County Sheriff’s Contact Details

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco

US Cops Now Israeli-Trained
Vigilant Citizen: Symbolic Pics of the Month
Vigilant Citizen Damage Control (People are wising up.)
Shocking Photos of Bundy Raid
Vets Receiving Disarmament Notices
DNA from GMOs: New Research
Undamaged by Common Core
The Religion of the Future
7.5% of Children on Behavioral Meds
Improve Your Eyesight Naturally
4/18 Mex Quake Forecast 3 Days Prior
6.8 Quake Strikes Vancouver Island

Soetoro Hires Top Criminal Defense Attorney
Bundy Ranch Militias Fear Fed Infiltration
Thorium Car
72 Things You Can Do To Be Labelled Terrorist By Reid
Transhumanism Underway
Man Owns Cops
This Never Gets Old
NASA Expert Warns of Rogue Geoengineers
Police Investigating Israeli Organ Trafficking Ring
Russian Military Shows Off Impressive New Gear
Abequerque Police Execute 3rd Person in 5 Weeks
Jury Awards 3 Million Worthless FRNs in Fracking Case
Globally Renowned Activist Collaborated With Intel Agency
Does History Follow Rothschild Master Plan?
Morgellons: Patented Weapon?
Cops Can Seize Homeless’ Belongings in Florida
Stupid PC Campaign To Ban Word
Why Engagement Rings Are A Scam
Oklahoma Militia Gears Up to Fight Feds
The Dangers of Unfermented Soy
Top 10 Homesteading Skills
Ridiculous Common Core Subtraction Method
‘Extreme Levels’ of Monsanto Herbicide in Soy
Keshe’s Free Energy Tech: The Real Deal?
US Special Forces: Record Suicides
Marines Looking for a Few Good Actors
Indian Villagers Corner Leopard
Kidnapper Releases Child Who Won’t Stop Singing Gospel Song
Treat Insomnia with Tryptophan
KKK Forms Neighborhood Watch Program
Toxicity and Carcinogenicity of Potassium Bromate
Many Flours Contain Carcinogen Potassium Bromate
US Invested 5 Billion Worthless FRNs in Ukraine Crisis
Fingerprint Evidence Reliability In Question
Communism’s Soul
More Troops to Europe; USS Taylor Enters Black Sea
100 Days of Real Food
Eyewitness Reports: MSM Lies About Syria
7 Daily Exercises Improve Your Photography Skills
Texas AG Abott to BLM: “Molon Labe”
Foodscaping in Switzerland
Foodscaping in America
Youtube’s Video of the Year
VA to Vets: “Pay up or no guns for you”
118-year-old Tai Chi Grandmaster in Motion
Among Superfoods, Black Is The New Green
Unexplained Intergalactic Radio Bursts Confirmed
“Time Cloak” Can Make Tiny Events Disappear
Putin Critic in Danger of Jail Time
ATF Regulations Designed To Disqualify Gun Ownership
The 12 Gods of the Internet
Twitter Photo Contest Backfires on NYPD
US Military Preparing for “Dollar” Collapse?
The Atomic Subterrene
77 Mind-Blowing Facts
Council Weapons Ban Passes Unanimously
The NFL’s Role in Unveilling Tyranny
Scalar Weather Modification Hits CBS News
Rethinking the Khazar Theory

“Violent Govt. Thugs” Beaten To Death In China
“Astounding Conspiracy Theories” of Wall Street Genius
Teen Proves “Terrorist” Security A Complete Farce
Teen Miraculously Survives Flight In Jet Wheel Well

Spanish Robin Hood
Only 8 Congressmen Support Holder Impeachment
Soetoro Calls for Highest Sustained Taxation in US History
Who Is Lee (Leo) Wanta?
Oklahoma Senate Passes Solar Panel Surcharge
Reid’s Stunning Disrespect for Americans
Reid’s Ominous Bundy Threat
Once Again Soetoro Refuses To Salute
Cops: Playing in Woods Is “Anti-Social Behavior”
Almost 500 ‘Foods’ That Contain Yoga Mat Ingredient
Vermont Passes GMO Labelling Law
The US Border Surveillance State
Why the US Obsession over Ukraine?
Snowden Queries Putin about Surveillance
At Putin’s Side, Army of Jewish Billionaires
What Motivates Putin?
How Margarine Is Made
Biden: “Time is Short in Urakaine.”
Canvas Painted Blue With White Scores 44 Million Worthless FRNs
Ukrainian Thugs Beat Up Young Pro Russian Man
US Govt: Military On Our Streets
The Tiny Dot
Oklahoma Militia Members Join Fight
Queen & Cameron Issued Pedo Warrants?
For Sake Of Discussion: Pope Francis Charged?
South Korean Ferry Hero Park Ji Young

Man Calls To Report Burglary; Cop Kills His Dog
Facebook Deletes Pro-Bundy Comments
“Can someone here fix the red-eye in my pic?”
Oregon Cops to Harass Motorists for “Daydreaming”
Stupid R2D2 Robocop
‘Gravitational Waves From Big Bang Detected’
Poll: Most Americans Question Big Bang Theory
Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story Of Vaccines
FDA Insert Reveals Truth About Vaccine
Eugenics & the Global Scientific Dictatorship
Alan Watt on Reality Bytes Radio (Apr. 10)
CFR Historian Carroll Quigley
Common Core Architect Now Dumbing Down SAT
Top 10 Dumbest Common Core Math Problems
Chicago Schools To Introduce ‘Afro-centric Curriculum’
New South Wales Police Recruit Criminals
What Happens When You Refuse a Search in NSW
Cop Shot Student 5 Times, in the Back, at Close Range
One Palestinian Child Abducted Every Two Hours
Iran Vows “Unforgettable” Reply To Threats
Pro-Russians Detain 20 Kiev Spies
Psaki Says Sanctions May Target Putin
US, NATO Encroaching On Russia’s Doorstep
Pics: Farganne’s Cell Phone Hacked
Drone Strikes in Yemen Murder 55 People
US Navy To Deploy Combat Dolphins in Black Sea
Twitter Blocks Turkish Whistleblower Accounts
Russian Su-24 Scores Off Against USS Donald Cook
Hollyweird Pedo Scandal Expands
Top Level Bankers Being Openly Murdered
US Spy Flights Over Russia
The Constitution Exemption Zone
Battle Lines Hardening in Nevada
Physics-Exploiting Axe
Fans Beat Guards That Beat Fan
Cop Goes Nuts, Attacks High Schoolers
Congressman Takes On AIPAC, Gets Imprisoned
Nullifying Newton

Thug Cops Steal Couple’s Cash
Herpes Infested Rabbis Infect Babies
New York Officially Legalizes ‘Metzitzah P’beh’
Chinese Citizens Bludgeon Bureaucrats
Recon: Federal Agents, Rangers, FBI in Vegas
Flight 370 Family Members Stand Strong
Congressman King Calling for “Regime Change” in Russia
Mystery Virus Among Colorado Inmates
OK Militia Stands With Bundy
Central Bankers Pushing War; People Hoarding

If you are new to the following breaking story, please go to Jim’s report.

Update from Dazatar. I am posting this and leaving what is below so that you can sort out the mistakes along the way. Here it is:

“[UPDATE] This story just got alot more interesting. It seems we have 4 Vaccine articles. Almost exactly the same.

HERE is how this Story has continued to evolve.

On March 25, Jennifer Raff posted an article on Vaccines which is a complete pile of trash, under the title “Parents you are being lied to.”

On April 7, Robyn Charron posted an almost identical article on a blog under the title “Dear parents, you are being lied to.”

It was also on April 7, a growing popular public figure in the natural health sciences, a Megan Heimer posted her bombshell article in response to Ms Raff under the title “Dear Parents, are you being lied to?”

Then finally it was blogger Avicenna who posted on April 11, her own article that did nothing other than try and SLAM Megan Heimers Explosive report.

Jennifer Raff, Robyn Charron and blogger Avicenna all still have their sites up and running online. It has only been Meagan Heimer who has had her website http://www.livingwhole.org completely vanished from the net. Her site had only just emerged having transferred recently from her blog http://www.megansmind-holisticwellness.blogspot.com

And to top that googles web cache in less than 12 hours of this first report, vanished any trace of her April 7 vaccine article from it’s cache. Deciding it would only take that newer article off line and leave behind articles as old as March 27 titled, “A Parent’s Response to the New York Times’ Article: Eliminate Vaccine Exemptions.”

Megan Heimers web presence has been obliterated. With google and I’m guessing many other entities working very hard to remove all trace of her BREAKING NEWS vaccine article from the internet.

It was fortunate, that a team of us operated quickly enough to capture her original article from the webcache itself.

We hope you are alright Megan. This story must go global.


[1] Jennifer Raff posted first on March 25:

[2] Robyn Charron posted on April 7, 2014

[3] Megan Heimer posted on April 7, 2014

[4] blogger Avicenna posted on April 11, 2014

This story is still developing. My researcher Dazatar stayed up all night digging deeper into it, and I will post an update very soon.

The blog story you see buried below was buried for a very good reason. We are opposed to these jerks. Please spread the message. We are doing all we can to oppose them, at considerable risk to our “selves”. Please spread the word and help us out.

Here is the story as it has been inverted

Here is the original article, a screenshot

I just tested the below link, and it hangs. You had all best get together and SLAM THAT LINK AND DEMAND ANSWERS.

Here is the Zero Point Original Report, Scrubbed by Google:

Here it is

If that article advocates vaccines, you have been had. The original article I am looking at, and to which I linked, SLAMS them.

This is a breaking story. The following link was originally 180 degrees diametrically opposed to what it is now. It indicted the vaccine makers. Since it appeared it has been waylaid and replaced with a false story, completely reversing the original message, WHICH I READ. This story is false. The original story has been scrubbed from the web. Be warned. You had better not vaccinate your children. This is what awaits them if you do. Remember, THIS STORY IS FALSE, A REPLACEMENT OF A REAL STORY. INVERT ALL OF IT 180 DEGREES.

Again, I emphasize that the link below, entitled “Scrubbed story”, is in fact a link to a legimate truth teller blog that has been hijacked. NONE OF THAT INFO IS THE TRUTH.

Scrubbed story

We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by.
Saudi Embassy Hosting Syria Militants
Neodymium Magnet Dropped Through Fat Copper Pipe
Soetoro Begins Huge Worthless FRN Detroit Bailout
How To Celebrate Holy Week
“Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me, I Think I’ll Go Eat Worms”
“Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me, I Think I’ll Go Eat McDonald’s”
Google Acquires Drone Maker. What Could Go Wrong?
USAID Funds Terrorists
Transcript Reveals Confusion Over Ferry Evac.
5.4-Mag Quake Hits Easter Island
‘US Poking Russia Into Nuclear War’
More Drone Strikes Against Civilians
NYC Cop Kills Wife in front of Children
Easter Weekend in Gun-Controlled Chicago
American Children Could Be Terrorists

The Scripted Mainstream News
Globalist Script Writer on Russia/West Dispute
Bee Swarm Grounds Commercial Jet
Mass Grave Found at Bundy Ranch
Fascinating: Hidden Human History
Hooray for Sexual Liberation! (not)
Montana State Senator Shoots Down Drone
Park Service Abuses Iraq Vet Activist
Mexico City 7.2 Quake — Poolside View
Insider: Barry Can’t Control ‘Mooching Michelle’
White House Pampers America’s Aristocratic Youth
Chinese Troops in US for “Exchange Mission”
Soetoro: No Comment on Chinese Plans to Kill 12 Million Americans
More Proof of Foreign Troops on US Soil
Balloon Car Physics
Feminist Thought Police
US Plans Wargames in Russia’s Backyard
Taibbi On America’s Hatred Of Poor
Soetoro Warned In Congress
Soetoro’s Handlers’ Hubris Through Media Lens
Nano Chemtrails?
Lemon & Baking Soda
Why Don’t The Media Cover This?
Honey & Cinnamon
Pentagon Study, Super Lasers, Weather Control
It Doesn’t Get Much More Stoopid Than This
BLM Worries: Cliven Bundy and ‘Prescriptive Rights’
Another Meteor Caught on Russian Dash Cam
#1 Bestseller Proves Usury World Conquest Scheme
States Against Feds
The Great Lakes Are Still Frozen
Israel Unveils New “Defense” Tech
Glass Gem Corn
DC Cop Caught Running Child Prostitution Ring
Senate Approves Military Bestiality
Fascinating Snail Photos
HS Senior Petition Against Michael Seotoro
FBI Wants 52 Million in Face Recog Database by 2015
Is Oil Not a “Fossil Fuel”? (Gasp!)
Illinois Mayor Orders Police Raid Over Stupid Twitter Feed
Police Beat Up Wedding Party
Soetoro Secret Service Agent: “It’s Worse Than People Know”
Where Richard Dawkins and Atheists Go Wrong
Vigilant Citizen Symbolic Pics of the Month
Texting While Driving Stats
Citizens Sue Govt. Over Chemtrails
Nevada Tribe Leader Sues BLM
Dozens of Brave Cops Shut Lemonade Stand
Even Pet Vaccines Suck
Pizza Hut Manager Mistakes Vet For Gang Banger
How To Communicate If Internet Went Down
Dangers of Calling Ambulance for Loved One
Sharpton’s Easter Message
Brainwaves & States of Consciousness
Patent US6011991
What Happens To Cops Who Try To Do Right
Cliven Bundy Hits Back At Reid
Bundy Ranch Supporter Crushes NBC Host
Police-Escorted Zionists Storm Al-Aqsa
Women Prisoners Sterilized in California
Ukraine Jew Registration Hoax Traced

Bad News for Hillary
NSA Spying Via Webcam
Oath Keepers Pour Into Nevada
US Govt. for Sale on Craigslist
The Easter Bunny Chills Out
Fireman Flies Like Green Goblin
Inspiring Russian Dash Cam Footage
The Unknown Photography Career of Lewis Carroll
Harry Reid Takes Ass Whipping on Facebook
Did Apple Satellite Snap Nessie?
Federal Judge Slams BLM
You Gentiles
Disgusting Fast Food Facts
9 Easy Steps to Sheet Mulching
“US Dollar Dying as Ukraine Tensions Rise”
Pyongyang Fires 2 Short-Range Missiles
IRS Connection to License Plate Surveillance Company
US Drone ‘Pilots’ ‘Exhausted’, ‘Demoralized’
Navy Charges 4th Official in Corruption Scandal
DARPA Ocean Drones
Albequerque Police Oversight Commission Resigns in Protest
Malaysians Don’t Want Soetoro Soiling Their Land
Delta Passengers Sequestered by FBI at DIA
How To Make A Human Table
This Ghost Car Video Going Viral
Idiot Sharpton Compares Soetoro To Jesus
35 Stunning Electron Microscope Images
How Media Use Neurolinguistic Programming On You
10 Ways To Protect Yourself From NLP
NBC: “All Americans Microchipped by 2017”
Encore: Cop Trying to Kill Dog Shoots Self
More Infuriating Cop Malfeasance
The Way of Strategy (scroll down)
Tropical Pigeons
Blowing the Whistle on Whistleblower Karen Hudes
World Bank Wants Water Privatized

Astonishing Intelligence of Honey Badgers
Youtube Search: “People Are Vanishing”
Massive Hole in Earth’s ‘Detergent’ Layer
NASA on Chemtrails
John Pilger on Soetoro’s Handlers’ Coup in Ukraine
Iran’s New Missile
US Caught In Own Web Of Lies
Soetoro: More Sanctions
China ‘Winner’ Of US-Russia Standoff
Black Op Texas UFO
Captivating Time-Lapse Photo Of Blood Moon
Putin: Oil Wars Will Make West Bleed
100 Syrian Militants Turn Themselves In
US to Putin: This Could Get Ugly
Call For TX Gov. To Mobilize State Guard
DHS Keywords List
Rebel Videos Show US-Made Rockets In Syria
Clark County, NV Passes Anti-NDAA Resolution
Ruppert Suicide Note
Soetoro Declares Montana Disaster Area
Donetsk Leaflets: Jews Must Register Or Be Deported
MSM Spin On Donetsk Leaflets
Cop Trying To Kill Dog Shoots Self
New Google Terms: All Emails Scanned
6 Extreme Animals
Reservoir Flushed Because Kid Whizzed In It
Tesla Generator Schematics
The Brewing Consitutional Convention
People Standing Up Around The World
Kansas City Sniper Caught
Soetoro’s War on Coal –> Electricity Price Hikes
America’s Abysmal Trajectory
US Dollars To Be Swept From Russia
Bundy Ranch Surrounded By Heavily Armed Guards
The Signing of the Palestinian Spring
Congressman Accuses “Obama” of Crime at Ranch
10 Most Mysterious Photos Ever Taken
Animal Abuse Charges Against BLM
Alabama Supreme Court Decides Obama Eligibility Case
Utah Businessman Claims Reid Took ‘Massive’ Bribe
19 Creepy Ishtar Bunny Photos
Govt. Highwaymen Plunder Car on Interstate 80
Bundy Ranch Aftermath
Sweden Trials Vein-Scanning As Payment Method
Cops Beat Another Unarmed Man To Death

Interview with Susan Lindauer, CIA Whistleblower
Former Merck Doctor: Gardasil Biggest Medical Scandal Ever
30 Job Fails
100 Million Worthless FRNs for Soetoro Museum
A Snake’s Last Meal
Denver Man Ticketed For Sitting Down
Monsanto Never Quits
Israeli Firm Magna BSP Cashing in on US/Mex Border
How Israel Profits from Violent US Immigration “Reform”
Can the States Dismantle the Federal “Government”?
Israel To Arm US/Mex Border With Machine Gun Towers?
Israeli Border Fence Builder Makes Remote-Control Machine Guns
Israelis To Build US / Mex Border Fence
Remote-Controlled Machine Gun On Wall Near Bethlehem
               Future America?
Central Ohio Quake Spate Baffles Geologists
The “Equal Pay” Canard
Hardware Build-up in Eastern Ukraine
Russia’s Outright Rejection of GMOs
Oregon Considers Selling State Forest
Population Reduction 2008 – 2017
Texas Sheriff Leads Way Defending Bundys
The Capless Pyramid in North Dakota
Dolphin Assisted Fishing
NY State Gun Owners Shred Registrations
Garden Cat Repellant
False Flags and Imperial Facades
NWO PA Service Announces More Standoffs To Come
Some Uplifting News for a Change
Bloomberg Attacks 2nd Amendment with 50 Million Worthless FRNs
Ukraine Hurtling Toward Civil War
Campus Admins Weed Out Whites
Feds Withheld Water from California Farmers
Zerohedge: Soaring Food Inflation
Ipad Stunts Infant Development
Dubya Unveils More New Paintings
Phil Ochs: Cops of the World
Why The BLM May Be Afraid To Go To Court
WTC Fire Fails To Singe Woman
Bizarre Daily Mail Mashup on Ruppert’s Death
Seymour Hersh: “Turkey Behind Syria Attack”
Hersh on Soetoro, Erdogan, Syrian Rebels
BLM Shot Cows From Choppers
FED Apologizes. (April Fools!)
Consumer Prices Since 1775 in the USA
Israel Nuked Syria
UK Keeps Public in Dark with GMOs
Bloomberg: “I have earned my place in Heaven”
Feds Accused of Leaving Trail of Wreckage
Evidence of BLM’s Abuse of Ranch Animals
Oklahoma Solar Panels To Garner Monthly Fee
South Korea Still Officially Values Family, Morality
2nd 9-11 Truther Casualty In 2 Days
Spokane Man Profiled for Washington Plates
Colorado Plate Profiling Out Of Control
Man’s Car Searched. Why? Colorado License Plate.
Thug State Trooper Harrasses Innocent Man
Illegal Aliens Claim Billions In Illegal Tax Credits
Israeli Automated Robo-Snipers
The wall near Bethlehem — lovely:

The story that ranch protesters were arrested came from a subtle satire site. My bad.

African Children Can’t Get Clean Water
“Art” Passes As A Commodity; Rich A-holes Pay
Tony Abott on Poverty and Homelessness
One In Two Danish Boys Develop Breasts
President Carter: GWB Didn’t Win
Satellite Data: Polar Ice Cap Grows 50%
UN’s Nanny List To ‘Stop Global Warming’ (Hoax)
Ranch Protesters Arrested, Charged With Domestic Terrorism
The Chinese Takeover of American Energy
How To Build An Outdoor Cob Oven For $20
Keiser Report: Petrodollar Vs. Petroyuan
Dutchsinse: Yellowstone Seismic Unrest
US: No Visa for Iran’s New UN Envoy
Legal Challenge To Barrycare You Might Not Know About
Foods That Burn More Calories Than They Contain
Weird Black Ring Spotted In English Sky
Kansas ‘Retaliation Bill’ — Unbelievable
Tribute To Michael C. Ruppert
Reid’s Son: Cliven Bundy ‘should be prosecuted’
Bundy Ranch Siege Points To White House
O’Farrell To Resign As NSW Premier
Mag-Fed Shotguns: Vepr Vs. Catamount Fury II
How To Reload Like A Boss
Trucker Schools US Border Patrol
Israeli Arms Maker Wins Contract at Mex Border
“Cannibalization” of Palestine’s Heritage
DIY Earthboxes for Container Gardeners
Tennessee Legislators Kill Pro-Gun Bill
Destruction of Western Economic System?
Canada Plans To Invade Syria Revealed
Fighter Jets Open Fire on Kramatorsk Airfield
New Missiles Mounted on Iranian Ships
Israel in Secret Talks with Arab States
Israel’s Apartheid System In Hebron
Bundy Ranch Warns: Beware Disinfo
Social “Security”, Treasury Stealing Your Money
US Backs Ukraine Offensive In East
Sandy Hook Elementary School — Closed in ’08
Colorado Springs Teacher Denounces Common Core
The Oldest Living Things in the World
Google Buys Drone Co. Titan Aerospace
Google Contact Lens w/ Built-in Camera
Lemon + Baking Soda = Healing
Top DHS Checkpoint Refusals
Man Knows Rights; Cop Throws Tantrum
Man’s Camera Saves Him From Lying Cop
Smart Meter Education Network
Reid Vows To Escalate Ranch Row
School Wants Dress Code — For Parents
The Pure Cure
Judge Napolitano on Ranch Standoff
Top Scientist Resigns, Admits Global Warming Scam
Christopher Bollyn on Ukraine
Soetoro Regime Land Grab Memo
Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal
Taxpayer Cost for FLOTUS Fling in Dublin
Syrian Opposition’s Act Of Desperation
Kiev’s Illegal Use Of Force Damages Talks
Soetoro Cultists Caught Teaching Anti-Gun Propaganda
Are Plants Conscious?
Russia Completely Bans GMOs

IRS Director Admits Taxes Are Voluntary
Personal Income Tax Is Actually Illegal
Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner Hacked
What Really Happened Radio Show
Ukraine: CIA Launches Pre-emptive Attack
French Scientists Lose 2,300 SARS Vials
What If Earth Lost Oxygen For 5 Seconds?
Are You A Forgery?
Dr. Judy Wood on 9-11 Debris
9-11 Pentagon Vid Seized by FBI
Round-Op Alpha
5 Cops Caught in Lies on Witness Stand
Normalizing Depravity
Lincoln Ordered Biggest Mass Hanging in History
Our Helical Solar System
Rep. Issa Launches Bundy Land Grab Investigation
Michael Ruppert Dead, Apparent Suicide
Carlin: “It’s a Big Club, and YOU AIN’T IN IT!”
The US Is An Oligarchy
Republic Vs. Democracy: What Is US Govt.
Scientific Study: US Is Oligarchy
CIA Caught Red Handed in Ukraine
Bill Gates Exposed As Depopulationist
Bill Gates, Monsanto, Chemtrails, & Vaccines
Former LAPD Officer Confronts CIA Director
Homemade Crossbow Impales Car Door
US Must Explain CIA’s Kiev Visit
Michigan Demands Constitutional Convention?
Russia Readies 140,000 Troops
US Sending One Billion Worthless FRNs to Ukraine
Cliven Bundy On Ben Swann Radio Show
Ukrainian Presidential Candidate Brutally Beaten
Advisor: Putin ‘wants to regain Finland’
Soetoro Throws Hissy Fit At Putin
Resignation Letter of Teacher Who Quit over Common Core
Soetoro Confiscates National Guard Choppers
The Human Cost Of Smartphones
LA Motorists Snap Selfies w/ Suicidal Man in Background
Verdict Against Japanese Pharma Giant
Dutchsinse: EQs in Yellowstone Magma Chamber
Lawmakers, Utah Sheriffs Want To Rein In Feds
NASA Concludes When Civilization Will End
15 Uses For Spent Coffee Grounds
Metallurgic Artifacts Found In Geodes
New Images of BLM Warzone
Google Protesters Attack Glass Wearers in SF
Soetoro Neglects To Return Salute To Marine

Global EQ Watch — Major Unrest (Dutchsinse)
US Airways Tweets XXX Pic To Customers
Archaeologists Unearth Egyptian Find — In Israel
Pyramid “Built To Track End Of World”
Spray-Paint Solar Panels In Development
Moapa Valley Town Board Meeting On Bundy
Blood Moon Eclipse Live Stream
BLM Sources: Bundy Raid Inevitable
Sen. Reid On Cattle Battle: “It’s Not Over”
Mack On Sandoval’s Failure To Call Off Feds
Sheriff Mack: Raid on Bundy Home Imminent
Saturn Eats His Children
Rhinos ‘Will Be Extinct By 2020’ If Poaching Continues
Russia ‘Bewildered’ by US Sanctions; Vows Retaliation
Russia: Call To Reject Multiculturalism, “Tolerance”

Voice To Skull Technology
Russian Jet Buzzed Black Sea Destroyer
Bundy Supporters Bring Protest To Vegas Police
Traitorous Sheriff Awarded Sheriff of Year
Putin Vs. Obama: This Never Gets Old
Bundy Ranch Doublecross: More Feds Arrive
Common Core: Whites Not With Obama “Racist”
Kucinich: US Created Ukraine Crisis Behind Scenes
ALERT: Sheriff Gillespie Sought Slaughter
Feds Returning To Bundy Ranch
Russian TV News Using Actors Too?
Jeb Bush Booed By Conservatives
Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Streamed Live
Ask Herman Van Rompuy A Question
3/11/11 EQs & Tsunami Viewed From Car
Neuroscientist on Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields
A Model for Profitable Micro-Farming
Facebook Censors This Bundy Ranch Video
Sealed Bottle Garden Alive Since 1972
Air Force Base Creates Storm; NWS Censors Feeds
Statue of Homeless Jesus Jars Wealthy Community
Living Out Of Your Car Becomes Illegal
Feds Threaten To Shoot Bundy Supporters
The Real Nevada Story The Media Won’t Show
DUI Checkpoint Hidden Camera Outs Corrupt Cops
Stunner: Goldman To Abandon High Frequency Trading?
“Police Gunman Told Me To Ignore Pedophiles”
Man Arrested at LHC Claims He’s from Future
New Fed Ranch Grab Brewing In New Mexico
25 Practical Uses for Coca-Cola
Yellowstone Park Rumors: More Fearmongering?
Bundy Affair Tip of Iceberg of What’s To Come
Israel Lobbyist: False Flag Needed To Start War
BLM Ranger Murders Man in Patrol Car
DHS Insider: Fed Retreat Was Mere Ploy
Walton Foundation Offered BLM $$$?
Facebook Removing More Content from Feed
Chinese Company 3D-Printed 10 Houses in One Day
Warren Buffet and His Role in Nevada

Confirmed: DEA Deal With Sinaloa Cartel
HSBC Settlement Proves Drug War Joke
Belgian Doctors Can Kill Without Consent
The Real Bundy Ranch Story?
Bundy Ranch: Fed “Retreat” Was Psyop
Press Kit on Human Rights in Ukraine
Ukrainian State Security Officer Killed, 5 Wounded
SEC Lawyer: SEC Regulators Are Corrupt
Israel to Train Anti-Syria Terrorists w/ Saudi Arabia
Bundy Situation Ain’t Over
Monsanto Tries To Shove Out Mex Judge Over GMO Ruling
Cowboys on Horseback Reclaim BLM Stolen Cattle
Western-Backed Chem Attack Hits Syria
Truth About The BLM
US Sentencing Commission Votes To Cut Drug Sentences
Just Because It’s on the Internet Doesn’t Mean It’s True
G. Edward Griffin: Federal Reserve Destroying America
Readers Blast Daily Mail Propaganda (Read Comments)
Vet to US Military: Defend Your Country from Domestic Enemies
Giant Marble Harvests Energy from Sun and Moon
NEO — Why Soetoro Paid a Visit to Riyadh
The End of April: A Time of Human Sacrifice
These States Are Rebelling Against Federal Tyranny
Israel Planning New Temple Near Al-Aqsa Mosque
Franklin HS Stabbing Linked to Sandy Hook?
Kiev Junta Buckles; Military Refuses Orders
Coordinated Attacks by Pro-Russian Gunmen in E. Ukraine
Surrender of BLM Strategic De-escalation?
Reuters: Feds Release Cattle; Bundys Claim Victory
Putin Letter Makes Diplomatic History
Documents Show Reid, Chinese Behind Bundy Ranch Op
ATF To Monitor Gun Owners w/ Drones
Congressman Blake to Holder: “You should be in jail.”

Interview with Scott Rickard on US Imperialism
States Rebelling Against Feds
Campaign To Arrest World Government Perps
Facebook Only: More Israeli Hypocrisy
Canada Criminalizes Criticism of Israel
More on Gun Confiscation, Tower Outage at Ranch
‘Israeli Con Game Soon To Be Over’
Gerald Celente on ABC (Australia)
New EPA Private Land Grab
Uncle Sam Now Collecting from Children of Debtors
BLM Sells 29 Oil, Gas Leases in Northeast Nevada
Indiana Supreme Court: Cop Testimony Trumps Video Evidence
Reports of Gun Confiscation Near Bundy Ranch
Cell Towers Shut Down at Bunkerville
Are You Living in a “Constitution-Free Zone”?
Whistleblower: CPS Exposed As Kidnapping Agency
Leaked Memo Uncovers Soetoro Regime Land Grab
WH Press Secretary Decorates Home w/ Soviet Propaganda
Clarke County Sheriff to Meet with Bundys
Santilli: USTREAM Coverage From Bunkerville
Russia Prepares to Attack the Petrodollar
Putin Threatens To Cut Gas Supply To Europe
Malaysia Invaded by US/Saudi-Funded Terrorists
Tower Pulls Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air
The Harry Reid Connection Hits Reuters
Demonstrators Gather Outside Sheriff’s Office
Eisenhower’s Ghastly Genocide of 1.7 Million German POWs
The Jewish Genocide of 10 Million Ukrainians
New Found Megalithic Ruins in Russia
More Evidence Turmeric Combats Fluoride
Russia Rebuffs US Threat Over Iran Oil Deal
Abuse in Psychiatry: The Truth
Psychiatry Goes Insane
Non-Conformity Now Listed As Mental Illness
Yeah, but Soros is pushing #10…
Verizon Video-on-Demand Offers Incest, Child Porn
Note: I am leery of Infowars, but …
Is Senator Harry Reid Behind the BLM Land Grab?
FAA Enacts No-Fly Zone Over Bundy Ranch
Hillary Clinton Asked Why She Supported Al Qaeda
Naming Names: Your Real Government
Credit Card Reading Spy Cam Found in NYC Subway
8 Vegetables That You Can Regenerate
BLM Feds Abandon “Free Speech Zones”
The Owl as a Symbol of the Occult

Will Feds Stage Violence To Frame Cliven Bundy?
TSA Demands That Mute Stroke Victim Talk
Teacher Suspended Over Students’ Rail Gun Project
Zionist Lobby Under Fire Down Under
How the Israeli Govt. Enslaves American Children
TSA Officials Investigated for Illegal Weapons Distribution
SEC Colluded w/ Banks on CDO Prosecutions
Former Justice Stevens Wants 2nd Amendment ‘Edited’
Man Arrested for Filming Outside ‘1st Amendment Zone’
Colorado Couple Fight Govt. Land Theft
X37B — Secret Air Force Space Plane
Ebola Detection Kits Deployed to National Guard
NSA Said To Exploit Heartbleed Bug
Pepper Spray Cop Gets $$$ for Emotional Suffering
Tasered Cowboy Stands Tall
Rancher Cliven Bundy Speaks
100 Facts About Moral Collapse of America
Israel Launches Cutting Edge Satellite
August 2013: BLM Killed Hundreds of Tortoises
The Trillion Dollar Question to US Intelligence
Intelligence Agencies and the Heartbleed Bug
The Synchronized Brains of Movie Viewers
Lois Lerner Held in Contempt of Congress
Federal Court Finds Vaccine Caused Lupus
Criminalizing Criticism of Israel in Canada
Israeli Army Attacks Elementary Schools
Libya Foreign Minister Calls for Monarchy
The Crucible of Iraq
“We WILL Have a Cyber Pearl Harbor.”
Financial Tyranny in Puerto Rico
War on Syria U-Turn: Assad There To Stay
Florida Arbitrarily Prosecuting Children As Adults
The Worst Cash Ripoff Since Bank Fees?
Goldman Sachs Drops Bombshell On Wall Street
Message in Bottle Received, 101 Years Later
Sanctions Don’t Affect NASA-Russia Relations
Flies Use Fighter Jet Maneuvers
9 Students Killed in LA-area Bus Crash
Wall Street’s Land Grab
Libyan Politicians Live in Fear of Militias
Russia Dismisses Council of Europe Vote
Drone That Can Hack Your Smartphone
Planned Obsolescence: Light Bulb Conspiracy
Illinois Legislators Back Off Raw Milk Ban
Israel the Unprincipled Entity
Real Israeli Jews on the Ground in Palestine
An Empire Beyond Salvation
Accused Stabber Dazed, Like ‘Deer in Headlights’
BLM Wants 90,000 Acres of Texas Rancher’s Land
Guided Missile Destroyer Enters Black Sea
CIA Involvement in Banker “Suicides”
Oath Keepers Vow to Stand by Bundys
Obomba on Obombacare
Putin Letter to EU Leaders (full text)
Libya War: What They Don’t Want You To Know
Satire: BLM Plots to Steal Bundy Ranch
NATO Trains Terrorists To Destabilize Ukraine
Attempts To Thwart NSA Spying Are “Draconian”
Judge Dismisses Drone Strike Lawsuit Against Soetoro
Shot Across America Event, 4/19/14
March in Denver Showcases Police State
SCOTUS Passes on NSA Surveillance Case
Agenda 21 for Dummies
BLM Fracking Racket Exposed
Disgusted Students Tweet Their “Lunches” to Michael Obama
NBC in 2007: Americans To Be Chipped by 2017
Pete Santilli (at the end) Calls for Militias to Fight Feds “Peacefully”
Shoe Thrown at Hillary Clinton at Vegas Speech
Ethanol Can Now Be Made from Water and CO2
“Up to 5,000” Militia Members Mobilized
Boy Once in “Special Ed” Now on Track for Nobel
Proof of What Harm Public Education Does
Video: Militias En Route to Bunkerville

Missouri DOT To Use LRAD Sound Cannons
Mexican Official Says US Manages ‘Drug War’
HSBC Settlement Proves Drug War Joke
Confirmed: DEA Deal with Mex Drug Cartel
Bill Gates Admits Vaccines for Depopulation
Bill Gates & Israeli Prison Torture

The following video was odd to me because the way Ammon Bundy’s cousin spoke felt scripted. I now consider it authentic.

Federal Agents Assault Bundy Family
Heartbleed Bug Pretext for Web Shutdown?
Yes, the Fed Rigs the Stock Market.
Germans Reject NATO in Ukraine
Russia-Iran Oil Deal: US Issues Threats
US Opposes Iran’s Pick for UN Envoy
72% Say NO to Google Glass
Eastern Rebellion against US “Dollar
Kerry Lies about Iran at Nuke Talks
Libya After the Humanitarian Strike
Something Said to Frighten Bankers
Son of Rancher Released from Jail; No Charges
10 Atrocities Made Possible By Usury
Dumbing Down of American Schools
US Professor on Crimean Hypocrisy
Obama ‘Tried very hard’ to Thwart Benghazi Coverage
African Fever Case in Minnesota
“Closure” for MH370 Passengers’ Relatives
Facts Derail Lying Sharpton’s Informant Tale
Massive Anti-Austerity Strike in Greece
Inciting Hatred for Russians in Ukraine
Nuttin’ Yahoo Declares War on Palestine
Why Meat Prices Will Keep Soaring
White House Allows Heavy CIA Censorship
Fascist Police Attack Anti-Maidan Protesters
The Great American Grocery Hoax
Aussie Foreign Policy “subcontracted to Jewish donors”
US Doctors Rake in Millions from Medicaire
Studies Prove GMOs Harmful
$2.1 Trillion in Untaxed Profits Overseas
Swiss Unveil New Solar Plan for Nonstop Global Flight
Snowden: “I tried to spur an investigation.”
‘Anti-Radiation Belt’ Developed by Israeli Firm
53 Senators Voted Against UN Gun Confiscation
General Tells Congress Troops Willing To Sacrifice Pay
*Russia’s 9-11: 1999 FSB False Flag Bombings*
*Real Currencies: Enough of the Putin Worship!*
Gov. Brian Sandoval Admonishes BLM
Bundy Ranch Protesters Face Feds Down
Second US Navy Destroyer Heads to Black Sea
US Troops May Be Depoloyed to Europe over Ukraine
Psychopath David Cameron Invokes Jesus
Car Bomb Explodes Outside Bank of Greece
US Army Seizing National Guard Helicopters
Congress Considers Blocking GMO Labeling 
Crisis Copters at Pa. Knifing (Unlike Sandy Hook)
New Technology Might Enable Growing New Teeth

Israeli Photographer Promotes Racial Intermarriage
Violent Anti-African Race Riot Rocks Israel
My Two Cents on Fort Hood
Mass Stabbing at Pa. HS Injures 20
Whistleblower Busts Big Pharma
Israel Targets Palestinian Fishermen
The Case for Rumsfeld’s Prosecution
Duplicitous Mideast Peace Talks
Thursday’s Gaza Airstrikes: $3M Damage
America in Warp Speed Decline
Visions of the Impossible
Ebola Cases Suspected in US and Canada
China Rejects GMO Animal Feed
Anti-African Race Riot in Israel
US Taxpayers’ $700 Million Laundry Bill
Maduro: Venezualan Street Protests US-Backed
Kharkovians Stuff Kiev Attempt to ‘Secure’ Kharkov
The Americans behind the Coup in Kiev
Canada Quietly Deports Russian Diplomat 
Water Fracked to Flammability: Five Videos
Wall Street’s “Predatory Equity” Rental Scheme
Vatican Calls on Israel to End “Occupation”
FBI “Point & Click” System for Tapping Phones
Washington and NATO’s New Surrealpolitik
Holder: ATF Planning To Use Drones
States Rebranding Common Core
Highly Important Companies Flashing “Danger”
NATO Conducts False Flag Terror
Pentagon Blocks All Leave at Diego Garcia
Why No Sandy Hook Lawsuits?
Petition to Release Canadian Hero Dean Clifford
Dean’s Website
Maryland Legislature Busy Pushing NWO “Values”
All Part of the Soros Agenda, You Understand
Federal Snipers Train Guns on Rancher’s Family
BLM To Kill Tortoises It Stole Rancher’s Land “To Protect”
Supporters Rally To Defend Rancher
Jon Stewart on Dubya’s Portraits of World Leaders
9 Hospitalized after Stabbings at Pa. HS
Hungary: No Debt-Free Money
Hit List of Forty Bankers
What in the World Is Happening to the NASDAQ?
My Two Cents on the Fort Hood Fiasco
Ziowhores Discuss Gun Owner RFID Bracelets
Obama Ignores Mexican Military Incursion in US
Plans for the Day after the Government Collapses
Leaked DHS Doc Defines “Terrorists” (download)
UK Stripping Citizenship of “Terrorists”
Snowden Went To Authorities First?
Ukrainian Parliament Punch-Up
Holocaust Memorial Spruced Up in Odessa
Russia: Greystone Mercenaries in Eastern Ukraine
China to Washington: Stop Meddling in Our Region
NATO to Moscow: Stop Meddling in Ukraine
Sheriff Blasts Sheriff: “Keep Your Oath!”
Backstory of Rancher’s Feud with Fed Thievers
Israel Buys $2 Billion in Warplanes, Assumes US Will Pay
Fox News Mentions Blood Moons, Apocalypse
Israeli Diplomats Deported from India
Navy’s Electromagnetic Railgun Tested — video
Memo to Al: Arctic Ice Cap Has Grown 29%
Bank CEO Executed in Parking Garage
Encryption Bug Heartbleed Infects Two-Thirds of Net
China Buying Huge Chunks of American Land
Rancher Vows ‘Range War’ with Thieving Feds
Russia Announces Decoupling Trade from Dollar
Europe Not Moving Away From Russian Energy
Student Received ‘A’ on Holohoax Report
Which States Have Rejected Common Core?
US Using Social Media to Push Foreign Policy
DNA Nanobots Deliver Drugs in Cockroaches
Navy to Make Fuel from Seawater

A Critique of Austrian Economics
The Scars of Deir Yassin; Determination to Survive
New French Prime Minister Worships Israel
The Large Families that Rule the World
Rabbis Call for Synagogue on Temple Mount
Help the Needy, Hurt the Needy
One Word Defines US Foreign Policy
Need We Ask?
Rancher’s Son Describes Arrest
SCOTUS Ruling Expands Police Author-a-tai
Schools Prep Children for Tyranny
Obama’s Socialist School Budget
Anti-Fluoride Spice
Military Police Detain Journalists
Florida Woman Takes On Judge
Sex Network Leads Back to 10 Downing
Israel Sole Obstacle to Nuke-Free ME

And That, Folks, Is How It’s Done! 

Anthony Migchels: The Few Banks That Own Them All
Former World Bank Senior Counsel Karen Hudes: “a ‘Second Species’ on Earth Controls Money & Religion”
Karen Hudes: Whistle-blower or Deceiver?
Top 7 Buried Natural Cancer Cures
Safe Alternatives To Root Canals
RIP Windows XP
How To Use Windows XP, Post-Support
Al Sharpton’s Secret Work As FBI Informant
Syria False Flag and Sarin Deception
16 Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms
Scientist: Quantum Physics Proves Afterlife
Insider Reveals 21st Century Illuminati Agenda
Economists Sell Their Souls to the Fed
America: Freedom to Fascism
Obama, Cameron Planned ‘Monster Strike on Syria
Intrepid FBI Agents Investigate Ron Paul School Report
Paying Taxes: Both Unlawful AND Illegal! Learn Why!   
“Putin! Stop Doing Lawfully What We Do Illegally!”
BBC Ignores Slayings of Palestinian Children
Kiev Proposes State of Emergency
New SCUBA Mask — Oxygen Tanks Obsolete
US Continues to Supply Arms to Cannibals
US Senators Barristers Pushing for Iran Bans
Protecting Our the CIA’s Freedoms Poppies
Brave Cops Conduct Organic Fertilizer Bust
Ukraine Kharkiv Declares Independence
US Navy to Test Futuristic Gun
The BBC and the Pedophile Ring
Adobe Lightroom for Cloud Subscribers Only
Pakistan: Anti-Drone Landscaping
Speculations on Destruction of Internet
Hacktivists Attack 100s of Israeli Sites
IGRC Mounts Anti-ship Missiles on Boats
Anthony Migchels: “Babylon = Usury!”
Home with No Mortgage or Utilities
Palestinian Kids Murdered for Sport

“Soft-Power” Brzezinski Gaslights America
Michael Franti & Spearhead: Yell Fire
US May Move Warship into Black Sea
The History of NATO — Visual Timeline
Insane NATO Chief
Madness Has No Limits
Blood Moon Rising
Brain’s 15-Second Delay Keeps Us Sane
Rotten Corrupt Court System Exposed
Russia Says NO to GMO
Why Obama Probably Skips His HS Reunion
Nevada Rancher Prepares To Face FEDS
Why Lamborghini Screens Buyers
The Panther Whisperer
China to US: “Stay out of Hong Kong!”
This Family Stopped Eating Sugar
Detox and Chelate with Fruit Pectin
ABN Amro ex-CEO Found Dead
The Truth About Modern “Money”

Santos Bonacci Explains Legal Reality (Must Watch)
Israel Launches Fresh Air Raids on Gaza

Ex-CIA Man on Venezuela
DHS Raids Gibson Guitars — Again
Rumsfeld Documentary Expose
Pepe Escobar: Russia Winning in Ukraine
US May Release Israeli Spy Pollard
Probation Privateers Prey on the Poor
Vietnam Executes Corrupt Bankers
Push for “Mileage Tax”
Carpooling Illegal in Some Cities
7 Volcanoes in 6 Countries Simultaneously Erupt
Seventh Grader Suspended for Twirling Pencil
IMF Seals Ukraine’s Implosion
Pro-Russia Protests in East Ukraine
9/11 CNN Pentagon Report: NO PLANE
The Ugly Truth Behind Credit
Message to Tea Party RE Israel
Common Core Rewrites Second Amendment
How to Raise Backyard Chickens
The Counterfeiting Cannibals of Canal Street
100,000s of New Yorkers Refuse to Register
Big Gun Rally in Connecticut
Kansas Legislature Bucks Gun Regulations
Netanyahu: “Unilateral Action” Against Palestinians
Mass Murder of Canadian Children Admitted
US Sending Two Warships to Japan
Pedophiles, Drugs, & Money in the NWO
Did Doctors Without Borders Spread Ebola?
Radiation Therapy Kills
Govt. to Confiscate 401K?

Jeb Bush on Illegal Immigrants (Seriously)
Don’t Eat Tyson Chicken Nuggets
Chart: How QE “Solved” Unemployment
Aangirfan: Child Abuse Networks Pt. 1
Clinton’s State Dept. “Missing” $8 Billion
Israel’s War on American Universities
How To Use Windows XP, Post-Support
Seymour Hersch: More Lies about Syria
Water Used to Subjugate America
Local Police to Recieve 13,000 AV’s
How to Make a 60-lb PVC Longbow
How Many Dual Israeli Citizens in US Govt?
Migrating to Israel
CIA Official Jumps to Death
US Operates Drones from German Base
Bill of Rights Revoked?
Weather Warfare Info
Missouri House Defies Fed Gun Control
Diego Garcia Underwater Bases Exposed
Another Warrantless Trespass by Cops
France’s Rwanda Genocide Scandal
Executive Order 13603
Mossad Murdered US Troops in Iraq
Senate Votes to Declassify CIA Report
Obama Issues Threats to Russia, NATO
The Great US Retail Apocalypse
Vaccine Denial Growing in US
Quantum Experiments Showing Reality Illusion
The End of Obamacare?
Russian MP: “Close All McDonald’s in Russia!”
How to Build a Greenhouse for $50
Pre-dated Sandy Hook Photos
How to Set up a Beehive
<a href=”https://www.facebook.com/miningthematrix?ref=stream&#8221; target=”_blank”>Amazing Properties of Coconut Oil


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